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  1. And congratulations to Mikael Melbye from Denmark for his creation of Sets and costumes to the Anna Karenina ballet. I saw the world premiere in Copenhagen 2004 with the Royal Danish Ballet. And then 20 more times.
  2. There is also "The Jockey Dance" with Gustav Uhlendorff and Richard Jensen - at the end of the version with Gudrun Bojesen and Gitte Lindstrom. This was all I have of the Elfeldt films. At least for now. /Jorgen
  3. My congratulations to this family, now even more full of grace!
  4. You can see photos from the gala here: http://divanna.livejournal.com/146749.html
  5. Found the Denmark casting: Giselle: Giselle - Svetlana Lunkina Count Albrecht - Nikolai Tsiskaridze Myrtha - Maria Allash Swan Lake: Odette/Odile - Anna Antonicheva (October 5, 8, 10), Maria Allash (11) Prince Siegfried - Dmitry Gudanov (October 5, 8, 10), Artem Shpilevsky (11, debut) The Evil Genius - Artem Shpilevsky (October 5, 8), Dmitry Rykhlov (10, 11) The Fool - Denis Medvedev (October 5, 10), Yan Godovsky (October 8, 11),
  6. The Bolshoi Ballet is now in Denmark again: 5.10 Swan Lake Randers 6.10 Giselle Holstebro 8.10 Swan Lake Aalborg 9.10 Giselle Vejle 10.10 Swan Lake Aarhus 11.10 Swan Lake Aarhus Anybody going? Or know the casting??
  7. Pamela, they don't bring the Bolshoi orchestra so they are "only" 133 people coming. Which I guess would be about 130 too many for a Swedish theater budget!
  8. Svetlana Zakharova injured a knee injury during yesterday's rehearsal and her performances on the Bolshoi Ballet Copenhagen tour are cancelled. The new Swan Lake cast list is instead: Sep 5: Maria Alexandrova - Sergei Filin Sep 6: Svetlana Lunkina - Vladimir Neporozhny Sep 7: Maria Alexandrova - Sergei Filin Sep 8: Svetlana Lunkina - Vladimir Neporozhny
  9. I think there is enough to make next season's programme positive and exciting. Two important Bournonville ballets, La Sylphide and Napoli, as every season should have. It's good that each of them now are spread out over a 4-5 month period with 2 performances per month, instead of running 10 performances in one month. Good for Bournonville awareness, both for the company and the audience. Flindt's The Lesson is always good to see, specially with our fine acting dancers. Even if the Flindt's choreography of Caroline Mathilde is said to be crap I can't complain since we get to see Jens-Jacob Worsaae's outstanding costume design. Martin's Swan Lake replaces Nutcracker as Christmas box office hit. Good, I think every season should include a Russian classic. I don't know Schumann's 2nd Symphony, but it sounds promising. Our Etudes always gives you a kick and forces the dancers to be on top. About the rest of more modern things I don't know, it isn't really my thing. In any case starting out the season with one week of the Bolshoi Ballet saves any season for me. :blush: Jorgen www.ballerinagallery.com
  10. Yes Rosie, that's really something to look forward to. Ticket sales start on August 14. I guess you know you can see Svetlana Zakharova in Stockholm already on June 2, with the Swedish Royal Ballet in La Bayadere.
  11. The Bolshoi Ballet will come to Copenhagen with six performances on September 5-10 2006. On the programme at the new Opera House are Grigorovich's Swan Lake and Ratmansky's The Bright Stream. There is also a follow-up tour planned on October 5-11 to Jylland cities Randers, Holstebro, Aalborg, Vejle and Aarhus.
  12. Ok :-) Maria Bilova can also be seen as Mekhmene Banu in the Legend of Love video, with Alla Mikhalchenko, Irek Mukhamedov and Gediminas Taranda.
  13. I have to disagree with you Herman. The dark girl in the the pas de trois is Tatiana Bessmertnova, looking very much like her sister Natalia. While the middle blonde girl with the splendid technique is Maria Bilova. In the Spanish dance it is indeed the beautiful Maria Zubkova (who is married to Irek Mukhamedov).
  14. Other good examples of "dancers who sings with the body" I think are Diana Cuni of the Royal Danish and Elizabeth Loscavio of Hamburg Ballet.
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