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Hey everyone, I wanted to post this. I'm sure you all heard about the massacre two weeks ago in Afghanistan of 10 aid workers & doctors by the Taliban. The sole British casualty was Dr Karen Woo, who had devoted her life and career to helping the poorest of the poor in Afghanistan receive a modicum of proper medical care, especially the pregnant women and new borns. Afghanistan has some of the highest infant and new mother mortality rates in the world.

However, Karen was once a dancer. She trained at London Contemporary Dance School and was amongst the last intake of dancers into London Contemporary Dance Theatre before its closure in 1994, she then danced with the Richard Alston Dance Company, of which she was a founder member. After a brief career she decided to retrain as a doctor and had a hugely successful career, before abandoning lucrative work in the UK to work in Afghanistan.

I knew Karen when we were very young, she was a truly beautiful person, absolutely kind, devoted and genuine.


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Thank you very much for posting this, Simon. I read that one of the victims had been a dancer and wondered who she was, so I was very interested to read her story.

It was an absolutely horrible and brutal killing and my heart goes out to her family and friends, and all those whose lives she touched.

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