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  1. I didn't misunderstand. I was choosing to be a bit obtuse. In truth though this strain of argument went from 0 to scary in sixty seconds. Rape, gross misconduct & severe sexual harassment, conspiracy cover ups and cultures of silence - I'm not sure if we're talking about ballet or the Catholic church here. There have been a few cases of gross misconduct and harassment and in all cases the AD was fired very quickly, I think it's also worth noting that an AD is an employee of his organisation an arts organisation which couldn't afford huge lawyer fees to keep rapists instated in jobs even i
  2. That's an issue in itself and has often been discussed that for a Balanchine ballerina there are (or were) few options once she'd left Balanchine for no other reason than she'd been trained in such a specific style, school to dance such a specific repertory that without that company & repertory she wasn't viewed as a ballerina. In those lists that people draw up of the world's great ballerinas etc Farrell if or when she appears more or less always comes with a caveat that being so deeply identified with Balanchine's rep she can't be properly assessed. Kirkland also wrote about how career o
  3. You ask many questions for which there are no answers except if you were to ask the people directly involved and it's highly unlikely they'd spill the beans especially to a total stranger. No one knows the specifics and anything else is just rumour and conjecture. I only mentioned the question of sex as you brought up the issue of sexual harassment and I don't quite get what you meant by attorneys for ballet, why would an attorney practice slander? Most dancers aren't established, rich enough to hire personal attorneys, indeed why would they and if there's one thing guaranteed to ensure someo
  4. A director is absolute authority and power within his or her company. All they have to do is not cast, promote and totally ignore a dancer and that's it, sometimes it's a passive aggressive means of telling dancers to leave and find another company, it's not fair but that's the way it goes. Batalov peaked at first soloist level having spent much of his career not performing at all under Vaziev at the Mariinsky, that's some fifteen years, at the Paris Opera Ballet Lefevre has been frigid to the point of arctic towards Emmanuel Thibault who is now premier danseur but has not had the opportuniti
  5. Batalov was pretty phenomenal, he's kind of the Emmanuel Thibault of Russian ballet, an incredible talent hamstrung by a vindictive, incompetent director, but given that Vaziev is the man behind the inexorable rise of Somova it's unsurprising if depressing that such a talent as Batalov suffered under his direction. You do wonder why Batalov didn't just take himself to another company where his talents would have been fully utilised and appreciated.
  6. The highlight of the wedding for me was the coolest flower girl ever, three-year-old Grace Van Cutsem http://www.rickey.org/grace-van-cutsem-the-royal-wedding-flower-girl/ She's already become an international superstar, having gone viral in cyberspace.
  7. May I just say that I do understand the slight indignation towards Homan's, Gottlieb etc and the rather doom laden pronouncement that ballet is dead - and I agree also that purple prose can get in the way of appreciating the message pragmatically, but I do also believe that there is a great deal of truth in the concerns of the authors. If not dead then perhaps stagnant is a better descriptive term. If I can recommend a better read on this subject then Barbara Newman's two books Striking A Balance & Grace Under Pressure address the issue from several viewpoints of great dancers, directors
  8. Yes, you do not mess with Mr B's Foundation. Have you seen Pulp Fiction? Do you remember Samuel L. Jackson and John Travolta's characters? They're like that, only with ballet.
  9. Just wanted to bump these to the main page so as many people get a chance to see them as possible, before the inevitable intervention.
  10. Found this Kirkland & Baryshnikov. Hope you all enjoy it: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Y42qcJqVHlU
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