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What are you favorite INDIVIDUAL IMAGES

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I am reviving this thread in the hopes that some of you interested in dance photography might be able to give me some guidance. There is a Martha Swope photograph that I would love to have printed and enlarged to hang in my (newly purchased!) apartment. I'm wondering how to go about getting permission to do this. Presumably just one copy for my apartment would fall under fair use, but I'm pretty sure that if I try to get it printed at a copy shop, they would know it is a copyrighted photo and want to see a permission. My search on google for who might hold the copyright for Swope's photographs didn't give any info. Any clues as to how to proceed?

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Wow thanks rg! I see the NYPL offers the chance to purchase prints right from the website. The price is no doubt higher than I would pay if I could print and frame it myself, but maybe worth it. Now that I see this option, I may go nuts ordering ballet photos for my new apartment! If anyone has ordered photos from NYPL before, I'd be interested to hear about the experience and the quality of the prints. (PS. The photo I'm looking at is of Liebeslider Walzer.) And thanks lmspear! After living in a rent-stabilized place for many years, I'm thrilled to be a homeowner. 

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19 minutes ago, pherank said:

It may be worth doing a search on eBay for Martha Swope photos - you might get lucky

Another great suggestion! It's amazing what's out there. 

Now that I've studied the NYPL website further, I want to retract my comment about it being a tad expensive. If you get archival prints the price is very reasonable, and I see a promo code for 30% off. I'm really glad to have discovered this. Thanks rg and all!

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14 hours ago, pherank said:

I noticed a few coffee table books in the eBay listing above.  You might be able to find good deal on a less than perfect or remaindered copy of a dance book like this listing from AbeBooks.com:  https://www.abebooks.com/servlet/BookDetailsPL?bi=10003811353&searchurl=kn%3DNew%2BYork%2BCity%2Bballet%26sortby%3D17

It's almost sacrilegious for me to suggest cutting up a book for any reason, but if the book is sitting in a warehouse or on a store shelf without much monetary or collectible value, you would be rescuing the images you chose to display at home.

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