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"The Recently Deflowered Girl" - link to Gorey-illustrated book

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Thanks, Ray. This is quite a find!

Another story of Gorey's in this vein is "The Curious Sofa," in which some Victorian ladies and gentlemen, along with one intrepid sheepdog, engage in some decidedly unwholesome activities. But it's not nearly as difficult to come by as this book.

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An interview about Gorey with editor Margaret Maloney that mentions the brief Internet life of the complete book (which is now back in print).

PHAWKER: Let’s talk about the actual premise of his book. How would you describe The Recently Deflowered Girl?

MALONEY: Before we talk about the premise of it, one thing I want to make clear is that this isn’t just an Edward Gorey book. Gorey didn’t write it. It was written by a man named Mel Juffe under a pseudonym. When it started going around the Internet, a lot of people just assumed that this was a Gorey book, that he illustrated and wrote it because he did write and illustrate many of his own.Juffe was a journalist and a writer who wrote for a number of different papers. He also wrote a comic novel titled Flash and a whole bunch of magazine articles and was one of these guys who was just sort of everywhere. People associate this book so strongly with Gorey because the illustrations are such a huge part of it. However, the premise of it and the real humor of it all belong to Mel Juffe.

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