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British English question

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In a recent review of the English National Ballet, the critic referred to something called an MOT test

"Harald Lander's 1948 ballet Etudes is like an MOT test. If a company can get through it, they're probably in pretty good shape. If they can sail through it with brio and distinction, as English National Ballet do under the directorship of Wayne Eagling, then they have every reason to feel on top of the world."

I'm not familiar enough with Brit culture to recognized the acronym -- can someone here explain?

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A British MOT Test is very strict, everything has to work within a regulated list of criteria, which if it is not met, the vehicle can be refused a certificate which means it is not allowed on the Road, until all the faults are rectified. In other words the Ballet had been well rehearsed, and came up to the required standard of peformance.

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