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I just loved the moment during Patti's acceptance speech, when the music started cutting in telling her to wrap it up:

"Oh, shut up, I've waited 29 years for this!!!"

I can't wait to see Patti in Gyspy again. Her ever brief performance number at the Tony's showed how much stronger she's grown from the role, night after night on B'way, and Patti was pretty darn amazingly strong back at the City Center Encores' brief run....

I think Patti's absolutely, perfectly brilliant in the Mama Rose part, and totally deserved the Tony.

I was also so happy for her that Arthur Laurents was in the audience to see all of this.

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I didn't watch any of this, except NYTimes 'live-blogging' version. But do want to hear the score of 'In the Heights', and see it if possible. I had not been keeping up as with last year, and with all this salsa, I think we've got a score which is probably the best since Urinetown--guy sounds super-talented. I get Cuban Sandwiches in those same literal heights (Washington Heights) all the time, even though it's Dominican enclave mainly.

Glad Patti won, though, even though the best musical I saw last year was 'Anne of Green Gables' by Cryer/Ford. It was simple and it was perfect, but it wasn't on The Great White Way.

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I didn’t see the show last night, although I usually tune in for at least parts of the show as the Tonys usually provide the best entertainment value of any of the awards shows. Thanks for posting the topic, vagansmom.

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