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Angel's New ABT Photo


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The purpose of these photos is to make it easy to recognize and name the dancers you see on stage. While I agree that he's outgrown the old smiley-boy photo, with the bangs across his face (and looking blond), this is not helpful to people seated beyond the middle of the orchestra.

Then again, the identification factor is less important for principals than others. After all, how many Siegfrieds do we have in Swan Lake? (Whoops! Didn't mean to suggest a staging with more split roles!)

I think it's a striking photo of a handsome man, just not most appropriate choice for this purpose.

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I was just commenting on the photo not being the best likeness. As a dancer, I think he's superb, and, as a person, I think he's a wonderful, charming man. He's one of my favorites, both as an artist and as a person.

While I'm on the subject. Xiomara needs a new headshot - or at least use the one in the ticket brochure instead of the one on the website. She's such a pretty girl, but the photo in the "Dancers" section isn't flattering.

Vishneva changed her photo last year, and so did Abrera (Stella's smiling in the photo - now people REALLY won't recognize her!).

If the photos are supposed to help occasional ballet-goers to identify the dancers, it might be useful to show them - especially the girls - in makeup (or, even better, with and without). I can't tell you how many times I've had a dancer say "hello" to me, and I couldn't place her, because I'd only seen her onstage. (Corps members and apprentices only - I'm not THAT bad!)

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Angel's original photo was taken when he was 19. The latest one is a still from the Freixenet commercial he did Nov. 2006 (age 31). If his hair appears lighter it's because the light (a 1K with chimera diffusion? in the production still I saw) was placed barely a foot away, close over his left shoulder. I'm glad he has a new, more mature, photo. (And since both Marcelo and Herman are bearded in the F. Ferri photos used in the ABT brochures, and so many dancers use the over-the-shoulder look for their headshot, that's nothing new either.)

I also agree about Xiomara, they never do her justice.

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