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POB Annual recruitment competition


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The internal competition is tomorrow while the external one in on July 6th. Good luck to all competitors. :) The school pupils who will compete were born in 1991 for the youngest ones and in 1988 for the oldest ones.

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Thanks for the information, cygneblanc. Do you know how many positions will be offered for each competition, and how many school pupils will be competing ? I hope you will keep us informed when the results are announced.

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For the school, 10 girls and 7 seven boys. 6 positions (maybe 8) will be offered, with about 4 for the internal competition, but this information may be wrong, and the judges can decide to transfer some positions originally offered to the internal competition to the external one.

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Won a permanent position:

Girls .

1. Héloïse Bourdon-Noury (Only 15 years old, born in 1991)

2. Jennifer Visocchi (17 years old, born in 1989)


1. Yvon Demol (18 years old, born in 1988)

2. Mickaël Lafon (18 years old, born in 1988)

Congrats to them :clapping and a big thought for the others who will have to compete tomorrow.

Both Michael and Yvon were featured on TV in 1999 in "Des racines et des ailes" when they were about 10 years old and were pupils of the lowest class. They and Jenny are best buddies so that's great for them. :thumbsup:

I will post the more detailed results later!

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Thank for posting the results, cygneblanc, and congratulation to the competition winners (and good luck to the pupils competing tomorrow in the other competition, what a tough period it must be for all those bright young dancers).

I think I saw Mr Demol last year in Lifar's "Entre deux rondes" in the school's program, but am not sure as I am not familiar with the school's students names...

I might have seen that documentary in "Des racines et des ailes", if you remember it, could you tell us a bit more about what was featured in the documentary ? I vaguely remember a young boy who came from the region of Avignon (I'm not sure), was it one of them ?

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Yes, the boy from Avignon who was featured in that documentary was Mickael Lafon who came in second today.

Yvon Demol danced last year "Entre deux rondes", alternating with Mathieu Botto, who won a position last year.

A lot of things were shown on the documentary, but I think the goal was to put forward the toughness of the school. You could see at the beginning "the demonstrations" with a feature on the girls 4th division. Were included some interviews of Cynthia Grondin, Vanessa Feuillate, Estelle Lecreux, Beryl de Saint Sauveur and their families. After that, the filming was done in Nanterre, and a focus was made on the mixed 6th division, with some extended features of both Mikael Lafon and his family, and a boy named Hadrien, gently called "my young baby elephant" by his teacher. Were also included some interviews of Miss Bessy and of the director of general studies, which take place during the morning.

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Yes, the boy from Avignon who was featured in that documentary was Mickael Lafon who came in second today.

Thanks, so he was the boy that I remembered. His father suffered from some sort of injury or disability, if I remember correctly ?

Anyway, it's nice to see that some of the kids featured in that documentary years ago finally managed to get into the school- what a joy it must be for their families !

After that, the filming was done in Nanterre, and a focus was made on the mixed 6th division, with some extended features of both Mikael Lafon and his family, and a boy named Hadrien, gently called "my young baby elephant" by his teacher.

Oh, I remember that "baby elephant". Do you know what he became ?

Actually, I remember that some things that stroke me (negatively) in that documentary was the competitiveness of the kids (I don't remember the exact words of the interviews, but some sentences were a bit shocking, especially at such a young age), and also that some parents really looked quite tough with their kids (especially Hadrien's father- when he talked, it almost sounded as if he was talking about sending an adult child to the army, not a little boy to a dance school...)

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Yes, Mickael's father couldn't work because if, I remember well, he got a very serious injury on a building site.

Hadrien at that time was a one year probationer, and he wasn't accepted in the school after his probationary period. I don't know what he has become.

And for the parents: it's still and always the same thing except for a few of them!

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Full results


1. Héloïse Bourdon-Noury (1991)

2. Jennifer Visocchi (1989)

3. Laure-Adélaïde Boucault (1989)

4. Lydie Vareilhes (1989)

5. Léonore Baulac (1990)

6. Marie Piot (1988)


1. Yvon Demol (1988)

2. Mickaël Lafon (1988)

3. Takeru Coste (1989 ?)

4. Alexandre Gasse (1988?)

5. Mike Derrua (1988?)

6. Alexandre Gontcharuk ((1988?)

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Thanks !

Do you know if Lydie Vareilhes is related to the former corps de ballet dancer Guy Vareilhes ?

Also, do you know which of those students will repeat a year and compete again next year ?

About little Hadrien, I just hope he didn't get too many bad memories about his one year stay at the POB school- and especially that his father wasn't too hard on him (he seemed to be such a sweet little boy...)

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Lydie Vareilhes is Guy Vareilhes' daughter. Will probably repeat their year if they don't win a permanent position today: Leonore Baulac, Calista Ruat, Laurie Thureau for the girls. Takeru Coste, Mike Derrua, Alexandre Gasse and Nans Pierson weren't repeating their year but I'm afraid that only Takeru Koste is young enough to repeat, since I'm almost certain all the others were born in 1988. Some of them passed their "bac" last year.

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Today's results:

won permament positions


1. Fanny Gorse

2. Laure-Adélaïde Boucault


1. Yannick Bittencourt

2. Allister Madin

Congrats to all of them. Fanny Gorse graduated from the POB's school two years ago and Lalie gratuated this year. Allister Madin gratuated also from the POB's school two years ago. One adores or dislikes him, but he really fought to make his dream come true. He also has been attending Dauphine University, a top school, while dancing. As for Yannick Bittencourt, I googled his name and the result is :http://www.abt.org/dancers/detail.asp?Dancer_ID=194

A big thought for the others, especially Nans Pierson and Marine Ganio. More results soon.

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Jennifer Visocchi was a particularly outstanding dancer here in Washington during the January 2006 Proteges program (in Bart's 'Peches de Jeunesse'). It's no surprise to me that she has made it through to the POB!

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Thanks Hélène. Full results with the year of graduation for POB's school graduates


1. Fanny Gorse (2005)

2. Laure-Adélaïde Boucault (2007)

3. Marine Ganio (2005)

4. Lucie Fenwick (2006)

5. Claire Gandolfi (2006)

6. Lydie Vareilhes (2007)

7. Léonore Baulac (2007, will probably stay in the school)

8. Marina Guizien (2005)

9. Louise Djabri (2006)

10. Yui Ihara

11. Marie Piot (2007)

12. Laurie Thureau (2007, will probably stay in the school )

13. Calista Ruat (2007, will probably stay in the school )

14. Malègue, Eline (2007)


1. Yannick Bittencourt

2. Allister Madin (2004)

3. Alexandre Labrot

4. Takeru Coste (2007)

5. Jean-Baptiste Chavignier (2006)

6. Alexandre Gasse (2007)

7. Alexandre Gontcharuck (2007)

8. Aubert Vanderlinden (2005)

9. Zhani Lukaj

10. Mike Derrua (2007)

11. Benjamin Husson (2007)

12. Vladislav Koltsov

13. Nans Pierson (2007)

14. Jonathan Chmelensky

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