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Hello from Minnesota


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Obviously, my first post here, and honestly, you probably shouldn't expect to hear from me much. I'm one who mostly reads, but will say something from time to time.

I've only seen one ballet so far, but I fell in love with it right away and now, according to my wife, I'm obsessed. Now that I've been looking into going to see more in the Twin Cities area here, I've found that there are a lot of performances going on this winter!! It's going to be really tough to choose where/when to go!!

Anyway, I've been reading this board for a little while now, and just thought I'd say hello so that if/when I decide to say something I've at least introduced myself.

I look forward to reading and learning a lot more about ballet from all of you!!


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Welome to Ballet Talk, Mike. And welcome to the world of ballet. This is the perfect place to learn about ballet; the board is full of information. We hope you manage to see of lot of ballet during the winter. For many the matter of choosing which ballet to see is settled by seeing all of them! We also hope you'll share in our discussions, and let us know what ballets you see and what you think of them.


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Welcome, mnclimber! Since Bloomington is near the Twin Cities, you may already be familiar with the James Sewell Ballet. http://www.jsballet.org/index.asp I didn't find much detail about their season based on what they have up on the site so far.

Minnesota Ballet is far away in Duluth, but they may also visit in your area. http://www.minnesotaballet.org/ This is a more classical company, doing Coppelia, Nutcracker, and even Balanchine's Apollo this season.

And I'm sure there are touring groups who perform at local universities.

We hope you'll report your thoughts about what you see.

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Wow, you guys are quick!! Thanks for the welcome!!

I have looked into James Sewell, and I hope to be able to catch a performace or two of theirs. I did see a mention on that site about doing a Balanchine piece (Tarantella? I'm pretty sure it said it was Balanchine's), but I can't find it right now. I watched a documentary on PBS about Balanchine...of course now I want to see some of those. Seranade looked beautiful on TV...as did Apollo.

I've also found that Miami, ABT, and a couple of different Russian companies are all coming here. So of course I'm hoping to be able to catch at least some of those.

The only one I have for sure plans to see, is what appears to be a smaller company, Continnental Ballet. They're doing Sleeping Beauty and Swan Lake, both of which I want to see. And probably a nutcracker or two.

I did look at Minnesota Ballet in Duluth...just because I love that city and would ideally be living up there.

My wife refuses to go see any ballet with me, so it's hard to get out to see too many of them. I got her to go to a symphony last year...so I'm working on ballet for her next!!

Also, I'm a photographer...so now I'm trying to see how I can get into photographing ballet.

Wow...sorry, I get kind of babbly once I actually start writing. Maybe that's why I'm usually quiet...hmm...

Thanks again for the warm welcome!!!


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Hello Mike,

Your post struck a chord because fifty years ago my wife introduced me to ballet. Apparently unlike other husbands in the audience, I immediately fell in love with it and became "obsessed" too. It was a great time because Balanchine and Robbins were alive and working at NYCB, putting on new ballets on a regular basis, and Suzanne Farrell was dancing. Congratulations on recognizing the worth of this art. I wish you many happy hours at the ballet.


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I've also found that Miami, ABT, and a couple of different Russian companies are all coming here. So of course I'm hoping to be able to catch at least some of those.
NOT bad!

Miami is bringing their new production of the full-evening Don Quixote, a 19th-century Russian classic. They're premiering it down here in Florida next month. ABT will be doing a program of shorter works.

I don't know which touring Russian groups you will be getting, but we have one or a two a year, and it's a wonderful opportunity to catch up with serviceable (and sometimes much better) versions of the classics.

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For the first 15 years of our marriage my husband wouldn't go to ballet with me and I missed that whole history of ballet. He finally relented and now goes to about 1/3 of the ballets I attend. Most of them he enjoys, but he says, "If I never see another Romeo and Juliet it'll be too soon". Unfortunately R&J is one of my favorite ballets....by anyone.


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I don't know which touring Russian groups you will be getting, but we have one or a two a year, and it's a wonderful opportunity to catch up with serviceable (and sometimes much better) versions of the classics.

The two Russian Companies coming are Eifman Ballet of St. Petersburg performing Anna Karenina and Moscow Ballet doing the Nutcracker. Eifman, Miami and ABT are all at the same theater, so I'll can and probably will get ticket package for those three.

Lou, it's good to hear that I'm not the only guy to have fallen in love with ballet after one performance!!

Giannina, so there still may be hope for my wife eh?! Good to hear!! Although with how much I have to hear about dragging her to the symphony, it may be a while before getting her to a ballet!!

And Romeo and Juliet is a good one in your opinion?? I've been wanting to find out what people usually think about it. I'm a fan of the story in most other forms and Metropolitan Ballet here is doing that this winter.

Anyway, thanks everyone again for the nice welcome!!!


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What you should expect from Eifman Ballet is a troupe of classically trained dancers, many of whom come from the top dance academies. But you shouldn't expect traditional, classical ballet. (That you'd get from Moscow Ballet.) From Eifman you should expect high dance drama, which you may find grabs you in the gut, and you may find a bit over the top.

Has your wife explained what about ballet she doesn't like? If she finds tutus and tiaras and Princes dull, and she doesn't mind a bit of melodrama (okay, a lot of melodrama), she might take a shine to Eifman.

Luckily for you, there are several versions of Romeo and Juliet available on DVD, including an older Russian version with Galina Ulanova, who wowed London quite late in her career as a convincing 15-year-old Juliet, and another with Alessandra Ferri, whom many on this board adore -- she has danced with American Ballet Theatre for many years -- and consider the greatest contemporary Juliet (MacMillan version).

There are a number of reviews of many versions of Romeo and Juliet on the stage and film on this site. You can use the "Search" link at the top right of each page to find them.

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