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  1. Hey Everyone, I'm curious about opinions on the current version of Les Mis that's in New York right now (http://www.broadway.com/gen/Show.aspx?si=1251). My wife loves this musical, and neither of us have been to NY, so I've been considering surprising her with a trip out there to see this show (she has seen it at least 3 times here in the Twin Cities). She's also pregnant right now, so I'm guessing our chances to travel will be more limited in the near future. So I may do this anyway, just to do it before we have a child. So, with that said, aside from opinions on Les Mis, anyone have any suggestions on travelling to NY for the first time (I know...quite vague, but I don't know what to ask yet)?? It would probably only be a weekend thing. Thanks!!! Mike
  2. Thanks for your reply Sandik, all the plans fell apart so I'm not going to be going to see this show.
  3. Hopefully you get your camera back quickly and it's working good as new when you do!! It's not fun being without your camera!! I liked all of your pictures!! It is too bad with the lighting on the second one though!! Thanks again for your replies and suggestions!! Now to just get the time to get into the store and look at the lenses... Thanks! Mike
  4. I'm just curious if anyone here has seen Sankai Juku (http://www.sankaijuku.com/sankaijuku_e.htm), and what they thought. I might be going to see them this weekend. Thanks, Mike
  5. Koshka, Thanks again for replying. I've been looking at and wanting a faster prime lense for a while, just haven't been able to decide. Mostly between the 50, 85 and even the 105. It seems like everytime I've decided I should get the 50 (as you said, seems like it would be a nice focal length and all), I look at how I use my 18-70 and it seems like I'm on the 70 end a lot. So then I start thinking I should get the 85. Anyway...I'll have to talk with my wife and see if I can maybe get both. I know she won't have a problem with one or the other. Is that the "blinking green light of death" problem that I've read about?? Seems to be relatively common?? And I should've mentioned...I bought an extended warranty from the dealer, that's why I had a two year instead of one. You have any of your pics online?? Thanks again for the advice! Mike
  6. Hey Koshka, thanks for the reply, Correct, I'm not planning on even bringing my flash. I don't currently have a lense faster than the kit lense (18-70 3.5, which I agree with your comment - no good without lots of light), but I've intended on getting a faster prime, just haven't been able to decide between the 50 and the 85, you mentioned both...which would you think is better to start with if I'm only going to get one of those?? I'm really not sure right now if I'll be in their studio or in the theater when/if the AD lets me come in and give this a shot. Most of my experience shooting is landscape, so this will definitely be a change for me. I have done a couple of wedding, with varied success. Oh, and I guess rereading your comments...if it's in studio you'd usually use the 50 and on stage the 85?? What happened to you camera to have to get sent in?? I've had mine in once so far (had it for about 2 year/~11000 shutter clicks), the LCD on the top decided to go all goofy on me, but it was covered under the 2 year warranty!! Thanks! Mike Edit - I actually forgot that there is a flash on the camera..yeah, I don't intend on using a flash at all. And white balance, I generally shoot in RAW, so that I can change that later.
  7. Wow, you guys are truly a wealth of information, and you've thrown in some nice stories too!!! Thanks for all the responses! Paul, nope, not Indiana, I'm in Minnesota, Bloomington is a suburb of Minneapolis. Thanks! Mike
  8. Well, it's very good to know that I should expect that in the future!! It's good that a couple of people in the audience at least knew to get the rest of us started then!! As for which production it was, it was put on by Continental Ballet, a smaller company here in Bloomington. In the description on their website, it says some original coreography by Riet Velthuisen, the director, so I'm not sure what's by her and what's traditional. It was at a community center, and like I said, really only about 50 people there. Aside from the music being too loud, the stage possibly a little too small, and surprised by the pauses for applause, I thought it was really good overall. Their costumes were really nice, and I thought all of the dancers did quite well. That's not to say you couldn't tell some dancers were better than others. Some of them you could just tell they had to work at staying on their toes (sorry, but is it better to say "en pointe" then instead?? I'm still learning the basic terms...sorry). And it was really nice to now be able to understand what some of you talk about when referring to dancers transitions to and from pointe, demi-point and such. Aurora and the Prince (Tatianta Berenova and Pavel Homko married and both trained in Russia and have impressive sounding history) danced beautifully together. I thought it seemed obvious that they have danced together a lot and were very comfortable together. The other times that there was a guy and girl dancing together, there seemed to be a huge difference. Anyway...sorry for a somewhat rambling post, I've gotta watch some more ballet to get a better idea of what's what still. This being the first time I've seen pointe work and a more traditional ballet, I don't really have anything to compare it to. Thanks for answering my original question!! Mike
  9. Hello all, I just saw a production of sleeping beauty last night, my first time seeing it. I'm now curious...is it normal for the dancers to take bows after their solos?? I'm sorry that I don't know the names of any of the dances, but it first happened after the first time that Aurura danced, her and the three suitors danced, then she took a couple of bows. Later, some of the fairies also took bows after dancing. This seemed really odd to me, but since this was really my first actuall ballet to see (Swan Lake by Mathew Bourne is the only other I've seen live). I really enjoyed the production, I thought they did quite well from what I know. I felt bad that there was only like 50 people in the audience. Anyway, sorry I get wordy, just curious if this is normal...thanks!!! Mike
  10. Hello everyone, First of all, not totally sure if this is the right place to post this or not, so I apologize if it is not. I've had some conversations with the artistic director of a local ballet company (Continental Ballet in Bloomington) about taking pictures at some rehearsals, and it sounds like I'm going to get a chance to try it. I have a decent camera (Nikon D70), and have been sucessful taking shots of landscapes and weddings that have been printed and are hanging. But I've never tried anything like ballet or any sort of dance really. I know there are some on here that have taken beautiful pictures of ballet and of course there are lots of very knowledgable people here. I've definitely been looking in that other thread about favorite photographers to try to get an idea of what people like in photos of ballet. But if anyone could offer other suggestions or advice, also some technical advice about lenses...thoughts on focal length?? Thanks in advance for anything!!! Thanks, Mike
  11. I am able to view the calendar now!! Thanks Helene!! Also, thanks for the explanation, I apologize if that is said somewhere that I didn't read. Thanks, Mike
  12. Do we have to special in some way to view the calendar?? I get: "You do not have permission to view this calendar or this calendar does not exist" when I click on it. I also get that when I click on someone's name, trying view a profile (assumed result of clicking on one's name). Mike
  13. mnclimber

    Sarah Lane

    There are a couple of threads about photography: Some links to images and galleries: http://ballettalk.invisionzone.com/index.php?showtopic=20982 Favorite Photographers: http://ballettalk.invisionzone.com/index.p...topic=20953&hl= I'm sure there are more too if you feel like searching. Mike
  14. Speaking of free museum entry...not sure if other cities have something like this or not, but in the Twin Cities there is a "Museum Adventure Pass" which people can "check out" from a public library a free pass for various museums and other such places... http://www.mpls.lib.mn.us/museumpasses.asp Mike
  15. The two Russian Companies coming are Eifman Ballet of St. Petersburg performing Anna Karenina and Moscow Ballet doing the Nutcracker. Eifman, Miami and ABT are all at the same theater, so I'll can and probably will get ticket package for those three. Lou, it's good to hear that I'm not the only guy to have fallen in love with ballet after one performance!! Giannina, so there still may be hope for my wife eh?! Good to hear!! Although with how much I have to hear about dragging her to the symphony, it may be a while before getting her to a ballet!! And Romeo and Juliet is a good one in your opinion?? I've been wanting to find out what people usually think about it. I'm a fan of the story in most other forms and Metropolitan Ballet here is doing that this winter. Anyway, thanks everyone again for the nice welcome!!! Mike
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