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Server Switch Scheduled: 9am Est Thurs 30 Mar


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We're scheduled to switch servers starting at 9AM, Thursday, 30 March (tomorrow).

Please expect Ballet Talk to be down for 3-4 hours. When the site is back up, please log any issues here.

They may do a complete re-install of the software, which means we'll lose our UI modifications. I will try to have them restored as soon as possible!

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Things were fine for me all day, but suddenly, trying to click in to SanFran Ballet thread, I'm getting blank screens. I was able to get the screen by copying the link, but not by clicking. And it seems to happen only on that thread.

I don't even know if it's symptomatic of a problem, or something glitchy on my end (although I scrubbed my hard drive and defragged at about 8:00).

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To log a ticket with IPB, I need to be able to document one of two things:

a. The steps that can be repeated to show the problem (with as much info as I can give, like "only happens in Firefox"). I didn't see the same behavior, but that doesn't mean it isn't a problem.


b. Description of a pattern: every few hours, we're seeing blank pages.

If any one else is seeing blank pages, I'd appreciate it very much if you would post in this thread and tell us what thread you're seeing the blank pages on.

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