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Orange County casting

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Cojocaru, Kobborg, Marriott, Howells 5 July

Benjamin, Samodurov, Soares, Matiakis 6 July

Rojo, Cope, Marriott, Mosley 7 July

Tapper, Urlezaga, Marriott, Mosley 8 July



Yoshida, Bonelli 9 July

Marquez, Putrov 10 (MAT) July

Cojocaru, Kobborg 10 July

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Hm...looks like I'll just have to go to all 7 performances in Orange County. :wub: Too bad, though, that we'll be missing out on Bussell, Anthony Dowell and Wayne Sleep - all three of whom are cast in New York. Not that I'm complaining about our castng though; you can only squeeze so many stars into one week of story ballets.

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Marquez-Putrov is an excellent cast IMHO. Roberta Marquez has been guesting with the RB frequently this past season, dancing Bayadere, Giselle and Sleeping Beauty with Ivan Putrov and she is joining at the start of the next one. Her Giselle is wonderful in my opinion, extremely charismatic and very moving, and her dancing is so beautiful and bright. Ivan's also technically a marvel to watch, and dramatically I think he's improved in the last couple years since he was promoted to principal. Albrecht is a role he's very suited to (I'm sure I remember him garnering good reviews this year by the critics) and theirs is an enjoyable partnership to watch.

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Seconding the above post. I was fortunate to see Marquez and Putrov in RB's "Sleeping Beauty" last month. I don't have too much to comment on re his performance, other than that he got the job done....because I couldn't take my eyes off of her. She is a tiny, frail looking dancer with legs of steel and amazing strength. I will say that Putrov had the qualities that I look for in a partner in "spectacle" ballet--ballon, elevation, and light landings.

Looking forward to seeing more of Ms. Marquez...guesting with ABT this spring in Bayadere.

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