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  1. Canbelto, I agree. The second episode had me crying, too. Not sure why -- the beautiful way Dena Abergel handled the casting, being a former Nutcracker parent myself (not at SAB but at a school in California run by one of Balanchine's early ballerinas -- Yvonne Mounsey), the camaraderie among the students... all of it. I have now watched it through twice.
  2. Does anyone know who is seated to the left of Ms. Farrell in the photo? It looks a little like Colleen Neary to me. According to the essay she wrote on Brahms-Schoenberg in Balanchine: Celebrating a Life in Dance, she has danced in three of the four movements, so would it make sense that she is coaching it too?
  3. Much to my regret, I have noticed that one of my favorite senior corps members, Lydia Wellington, is no longer listed on the company roster. Does anyone know anything about this? There was no announcement of other plans at the end of fall season, as there was for Sarah Villwock. I had been hoping for a promotion for her.
  4. Well, in anticipation of possible promotions today, I decided to prepare "Principal Pork" for dinner tonight -- a recipe from Jock Soto and Heather Watts' "Our Meals" cookbook. This was the dinner Jock prepared upon learning he had been promoted. It's a delicious recipe I've made for years and I'm making it now...promotions or no promotions! Even though there were no announcements today, and I can't presume to know why or why not, sounds like it was a beautiful fall season. Thank you to everyone who kept this far away Texas fan informed with your eyewitness accounts and amazing insights which I truly appreciate. I really live for your reviews since it is not very often that I can get there myself. Until "Nutcracker!"
  5. Congratulations to them! Can we expect to hear more company promotions announced this weekend? Fingers crossed!
  6. I don't know who has been taken into the company, but I do know that Shelby Tzung has accepted a contract with the National Ballet of Canada. She is also one of this year's Mae L. Wien Award recipients. (Shelby came from Westside Ballet in Santa Monica, CA, founded by Yvonne Mounsey -- my daughters former pre-professional school -- and this was posted on their social media. Andrew Veyette is also an alumnus.)
  7. Week 5 casting is up: https://www.nycballet.com/NYCB/media/NYCBMediaLibrary/PDFs/Press/Casting/NYCB-Casting-February-19-24-2019-lobby.pdf
  8. I was there last night and agree with the comments from Cobweb and Nanushka. I was kind of dreading the "See The Music" too but found it delightful and loved seeing the orchestra and Susan Walter highlighted. Serenade was a joy. Mozartiana even more so and I was surprised at how much I enjoyed Tyler Angle as a partner. I thought he looked foar more comfortable and commanding in the role than Chase Finlay whom I saw last February. Tchaikovsky Piano Concerto Number 2 swept me away. I just love Joseph Gordon. I find that he carries himself with such nobility and elan, and the future looks bright for him. As for the new Tchaikovsky costumes, from my seat in row N of the orchestra, the bodices did not appear too heavy for the skirts as they might have close up, per some earlier comments. Overall, I thought they "read" very well color-wise, the vest design of the men's costumes notwithstanding. The women's dresses -- especially the principals' -- were super-sparkly -- not enough to outsparkle Ashley Bouder, of course, but at moments I found the bling almost blinding. This coming from a person who loves sparkle in every form!
  9. I am in town on business from Texas and going on Jan. 23rd. Excited to see Mearns and Peck in Serenade but also would have loved to see the Lovette/Gerrity debuts later in the week.
  10. Per Justin Peck's InstaStories, four apprentices have been named. Looks like three women and one man. Of course, I don't know who any of them are. They are all in Western Symphony costumes in the story.
  11. Hmm. I remember that she danced a lead in Concerto Barocco in the SAB Workshop (and I think also as part of the Proteges program at the Kennedy Center) but didn't know she did it once she joined the company. It isn't listed in her repertoire. In any case, I see she is cast as "Prayer" in Coppelia, and I wish her well!
  12. Is anyone else besides me rooting for the promotion of Lydia Wellington?
  13. Thank you so much, CTballetfan! I live in Texas and don't get to see NYCB very often, so I appreciate your report and those of others as well. I am determined to get there in fall to see "Jewels" in the afternoon and at night, "Barocco," "Tchai Pas" and "Symphony in C" (plus Stravinsky). That seems like an epic day at NYCB and a good use of my travel $!
  14. Thank you so much, CTballetfan! I live in Texas and don't get to see NYCB very often, so I appreciate your report and those of others as well. I am determined to get there in fall to see "Jewels" in the afternoon and at night, "Barocco," "Tchai Pas" and "Symphony in C" (plus Stravinsky). That seems like an epic day at NYCB and a good use of my travel $!
  15. Was anyone there today to see Sara M. and Tyler A. in their Tchai Pas debuts (well, NY debut for him)? By the look of the curtain call on Sara's Instastories, the applause was thunderous!
  16. They did the fourth movement only in 2014. Sounds like they are doing the ballet in its entirety this time.
  17. I will be flying in from Texas to see both performances on February 10th. I am very excited!
  18. Per NYCB's Twitter, Ashley Laracey debuted in Thou Swell today. I believe she replaced Sara Mearns who posted on Instagram that she is injured but hopes to perform at the Lincoln Center Festival next week. If anyone saw the performance, please comment! 6 hours ago More DEBUT: Merde to Ashley Laracey as she makes her debut in Peter Martins' Thou Swell this afternoon on the @MagicofSPAC stage. 0 replies4 retweets25 likes
  19. Emma, I saw that same program. I think it was in 2014 when I came to see a friend's daughter in the SAB Workshop. I agree...that was a great mix.
  20. I will be in NY from Texas celebrating my birthday the week of May 15. I don't often get to see NYCB, but this program just did not appeal to me. Maybe I am just old fashioned, closed-minded, whatever, but I will be spending my money on Broadway since there is no Balanchine.
  21. Agree about Ashley Laracey. She is so lovely. But congratulations to all...well deserved, and what an exciting day! The talent is so deep that it seems impossible to promote all who deserve it. And I think that may have been the case in the past as well. There were "principal dancers" in the past who weren't officially principals. Colleen Neary comes to mind...
  22. Canbelto, I'm with you. When my daughter was dancing Dewdrop a few years ago in Yvonne Mounsey's (early NCYB principal who originated "Spanish") "Nuts" at Westside Ballet in Los Angeles, her boyfriend's much younger little sister -- then three -- was in attendance. Besides loudly "saying" my daughter's name (understandable, but at least she did it only once), and asking questions, this very young girl sat in rapt attention for the entire two acts on the edge of her mother's lap. Her wonder and enthusiasm could not be contained. I will never forget how huge her eyes were.
  23. Totally a mish-mash. Only the pas de deux is Balanchine, as far as I can see.
  24. Thank you, Canbelto, for the lovely review and for being the eyes and ears for those of us too far away to attend. Yesterday, I did have the privilege of seeing Tiler Peck and Tyler Angle as Sugarplum and Cavalier, performing with a regional youth company here in the Dallas-Fort Worth area. They were glorious. He was such a finely attuned partner and I enjoyed his endearing facial expressions as much as I did his dancing, which is saying a lot. Tiler, of course, makes us "see the music and hear the dance" with every step and her ability to play with the music (even recorded music, as was the case) and push its limits is enchanting. As a couple, I found them supremely secure, regal yet warm (benevolent, not haughty) and very engaging. Now, if I could just see Tiler's Dewdrop...
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