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Ex-BB dancers Ball, Kovatch and Hariyama


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Does anyone have a clue where these three dancers are now? I think Kovatch is with Festival Ballet but I can't be too sure..and Ball just disappeared from the radar after the Suzanne Farrell Ballet ended its tour.

Any input would be appreciated. On another note, I'm surprised that Shannon Parsley has left her soloist position in MCB to take up a corps de ballet position in BB- her strong performances during the Suzanne Farrell Ballet tour made me think she was a soloist somewhere..it was a big surprise when I checked the Boston Ballet website this evening!

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April Ball danced one piece in "Raw Dance", the performances choreographed by Boston Ballet dancers and presented a couple of weekends ago. Unfortuantely, the program didn't give a clue as to where she might be dancing regularly now and I didn't think to ask anyone.

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Oops..I wasn't clear about which 'Ball' I was talking about- I meant April Ball, who's not with any major company after the Suzanne Farrell Ballet ended its tour. She was described in reviews as the strongest dancer in the whole company and I don't think that's too far off...

If anyone has information as to where she's dancing now, please share! Thanks. :thumbsup:

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