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  1. There are 12 productions altogether as a part of their season. Romeo & Juliet - Royal Ballet - MacMillan - 9/22 performance Le Nozze de Figaro - Royal Opera - Mozart - 10/5 performance Viscera/Afternoon of a Faun/Tchai pas/Carmen - Royal Ballet - Scarlett/Robbins/Balanchine/Acosta - 11/12 performance Cavalleria Rusticana/Pagliacci - Royal Opera - Mascagni/Leoncavallo - 12/10 performance The Nutcracker - Royal Ballet - Wright - 12/16 performance Rhapsody/Two Pigeons - Royal Ballet - Ashton/Ashton - 1/26 performance La Traviata - Royal Opera - Verdi - 2/4 performance Boris Godunov - Royal Opera - Musorgsky - 3/21 performance Giselle - Royal Ballet - Petipa - 4/6 performance Lucia de Lammermoor - Royal Opera - Donizetti - 4/25 performance Frankenstein - Royal Ballet - Scarlett - 5/18 performance Werther - Royal Opera - Massenet - 6/27 performance
  2. OK...I'll come out of hiding, but only for this. I'm an ambassador for the Arts Alliance and have complete listings of the North American season of all Royal Opera House cinema activities. This includes both the Royal Ballet and Royal Opera. I'm happy to help assist anybody as best I can. And dont ask me to discuss anything else on these boards ;-)
  3. kirovboy

    Alina Somova

    Once I started my professional career, I decided I wouldn't post here anymore to avoid causing any commotion, but Im breaking my six year silence tonight because I am too intrigued about some comments I saw on another post. So, as we all know Alina Somova was promoted to principal today. There seems to be some frustration with this and I am curious why. I watched a few videos of her on youtube and found that she is extremely flexible (to a distasteful degree) and she is also a bit clumsy, but she otherwise seemed like a capable dancer. Could those who are not a fan of this dancer explain to me why they feel that she shouldn't be promoted. Also, why is she called the "accidental" ballerina? I look forward to hearing your opinions.
  4. Ok, I never write stuff here, but I cant help it for this one! This was one I saw from onstage! Recently while touring with Houston Ballet, we brought cinderella to cleveland. Here was probably one of the most major faux pas's possible! It was the 2nd act, in the ballroom...and after all of the guests at the ball enter, stepping down a 3 foot platform and mingle a bit, the carriage brings cinderella in for her magical evening. Well, the carriage looks exactly like the one from the movie, its pulled by 4 white horses, followed by a coachman, then cinderella in the carriage, and a coachman on the back! There were problems the show before, so the nervous horses that dragged the carriage along a platform that was barely wide enough to fit the carriage had a stage hand direct them where to pull. We are standing on stage, and you hear...left ...left...NOOOOO!!! And well the back half of the carriage fell off the back of the 3 foot platform! The rear stagecoach boy jumped off the platform holding the back half of the carriage up, you could see 2 stage hands dive behind the platform to hold it up, Lauren Anderson practically fell over feet over head in the carriage, the front coachman fell about 8 feet off the top, as his whip went flying onstage. One of the four horses was practically pinned behind the front of the carriage, but galantly held it up, while the other horses just stood like deer in headlights(for all they could see was straight ahead with their masks) Well the music continued, and finally a loud crash announced the carriage being pushed back on the platform. The horses pulled forward, and the coachman opened the door, let cinderella out, and to add insult to injury, as Lauren stepped out of the carriage, her cape caught onto the carriage door and tore off, leaving her to abruptly jerk forward! Right after this, the corps does the waltz, which starts off slow and smooth, but Im positive the audience could see our shoulders shaking up and down as we all had a good laugh!
  5. That is a mistake in the article! Lucas Priolo and Julie Gumbinner will be going to TBT, while Phillip will continue at HB as ballet master! Simple mistake!
  6. How ironic that somebody post about this here! When I went to go see the company, there was this preview, the movie titles "The Triplets of Belleville." And I am definitely not one to go see animated films. But there was something that drew me to go see this when it came out! I absolutely loved it! People were worried because its a french movie. But being that there is barely any speaking, that solved that problem. It was so intelligently done. Almost as if the whole movie was one huge charicature! I agree, go see it!
  7. April Ball is spending the year guesting! She is not currently dancing regularly with any particular company! The same also goes for Emi Hariyama!
  8. I thought I should post this article for everyone to read! I find it a little worrisome. Explains that many states are cutting funding, some even up to 1/4 from this past year! States cutting arts funding
  9. VRS, believe me I know what im talking about. Old school Vaganova is the EPITOMY of what I have spoken of. Things are changing in this day and age, but unless you have lived through the Vaganova training I speak of, you would not understand. And yes, the teachers can be at times extremely abusive, demoralizing, and self esteem destroying. Its old school!
  10. I can explain this. The ribcage protusion is because, vaganova dancers are trained to dance on a raked stage, therefore their epaulment is placed further back to counterbalance the tilt in the stage! This may make it appear as if they are sticking their ribs out, they are just placed far back. As for the legs, many vaganova teachers teach you to lock your hyperextension(if you have any, if i only did), and to pull up the legs as much as possible. Therefore, adding bulk to the thighs, and making them a little meatier. In this day and age, that is not as accepted in dance, but its the way of the past. You live you learn! Hope this helps!
  11. She is doing well. SHe is in level 8 in the academy. I dont know how much performing she has done with the academy. Jessica came a little late, so that may have affected early casting, because it was already made. AS for the company i believe she will be a mouse in the battle scene. HTH
  12. Yes, I know Jessica. What would you like to know?
  13. Hey! I am not to sure where I would rank BalletMet, being that I did have a friend there that is an incredible dancer, I would say that the company must be pretty good, as well as the fact that Stanton Welch is(or was) the artistic director assistant(or associate or something like that). In my past post though, I was going specifically on what I know of the companies from what Ive seen and heard. And although I have a friend there, I dont know too much about the dancers of the company. I have heard(keyword heard), that the dancers are generally good, but dont have the best facility(not that it matters, you use what you have), but they dont seem to have too much of a national reputation. Perhaps I just havent read anything on the company! So yes Balletmet could be up there, but I definitely wouldnt base it on the idea that they have a larger budget than many regional companies! Carolina ballet is an incredible company, and their budget isnt too great! Money isnt everything! But I reiterate that Balletmet could well be up there.
  14. I usually dont post reviews, but I have to for this one! When it comes to NYCB I tend to be slightly skeptical about some of the newer works. I went to the theatre expecting to be interested, but probably slightly bored. But to my surprise, I was totally enthralled by this piece. By the end, I was clapping begging for what was to be three bows in front of the curtain. The piece was incredible, the flow, the movement, everything about it. Definitely go see it if you get a chance!
  15. Hi ed! haha, I guess it is my turn to post my idea! Im very opinionated, but I think I know my stuff;) Let me first tell you that I am rating these companies on the technical level of the dancing in the company, the reputation of the companies that I have heard, and not on financial stability(though that may play some part in my list). So here we go, in no particular order, I actually like to go east coast north and around counterclockwise somewhat. 1. Boston Ballet 2. ABT 3. NYCB 4. Houston Ballet 5. SFB 6. PNB 7. PA Ballet 8. Carolina ballet 9. Miami City Ballet 10. Joffrey 11. Ballet West 12. Pittsburgh Ballet Theatre 13. Washington Ballet 14. Orlando Ballet 15. Milwaukee Ballet 16. Cincinatti Balet 17. Kansas City Ballet 18. Tulsa Ballet 19. Colorado Ballet 20. Atlanta Ballet There is my list, I dont want to offend anybody, I may have forgotten one or two and replaced them with others, so please dont be upset with my list! But there it is. Let me know what you think!
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