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Monopoly(R) Ballet Board

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I walked by a stationery store this morning and saw a sports version of the Monopoly game in the window. It got me thinking about a ballet-based game, perhaps with ballet companies instead of properties and ballets instead of houses and hotels. What would the utilities be? Instead of Pass Go, it would be ... ? Jail would be... Could the Chance cards be dancers (as guests or permanent members)? It could only be played if ballet music is performed in the background!

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The Chance cards would have to include: Prima Ballerina is injured, Jester out for season, Major Donor dies, Varna Winner accepts contract, those kinds of things. Please add!!

The game also could control choreographers' works. That's where the Monopoly could come in. You'd try to get all the major Petipa ballets, or Balanchine, Kylian, whatever. If others couldn't do those works, they'd have no repertory and you'd Conquer All.

Great idea, Mary. Any entrepreneur who tries to take this to market -- we'll sue!!!!

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Many years ago, (sniff and a trace of a tear as she dates herself) there was indeed a board game, which I think was called The Ballet Company and featured a graphic of Patty McBride on the box.  Does anyone else remember this?

I remember that game! I was not able to purchase it at the time, but was very curious about it. I thought it would always be available, as most things were back then.....

A ballet Trivial Pursuit would work very well, too!

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I like the idea of acquiring various ballets. Each token could be a company or director (I know which director we'd all fight over NOT being... :wink: ).

Or we could do Choreography Copyright Monopoly, in which everybody travels around the board trying to get the rights to ballets and then make other people pay to perform them. I imagine Oriental Avenue would be something by Welch or Duato, whereas Boardwalk and Park Place would be ballets such as Sleeping Beauty and Giselle.

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Yes, that's the spirit. So if you land on Sleeping Beauty Boulevard (aka Park Place) you have to pay a whopping royalty to the Petipa Trust.

If you land on Scheherezade Row, I guess pay a whopping royalty and still not be able to perform the ballet, and be stuck there for three turns while the court cases drag on. (That would work for Graham, too, if we did a Dance version.)

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Ballet "Trivial Pursuit"; that sounds delicious. Alexandra, remember when you used to make up those ballet quizes? You could dig all of those up (oh, lost archives....well just remember them), add a gazillion more, and you've got it. The trick would be finding someone to play it with you.


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These days, it would be "your company says you gained weight as a pretext for firing you because they don't like the way you work, so you sue them and ride around in a limousine while the court date keeps getting postponed...."

Alexandra, the Scheherazade Row idea is perfect! And "Go" could be the Nutcracker, every company's cash cow--pass "Nutcracker," survive for another year/turn around the board.

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Giannina, the Quizzes are still on the main site here

Great ideas, everyone -- keep 'em coming.

This may need to be a three-dimensional video game, with Levels. Level 1, you're an apprentice. Level 2, you're a dancer. Level 3, you're a choreographer. Level 4, you're an artistic director.

Different chances/opportunities and jails for each :)

Hans, having Nutcracker as Go is brilliant :)

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You could have a student version where the chance cards could be roles in ballets. Sorry, you did not get Sugar Plum, let your parents pay $100.

Or, the properties could be SI's kids want to get into. The first row would be the regionaly, lesser known SI's. You could work around to the big dogs....

Of course, when would students have time to play? What with many hours of class and rehearsals each week - you could have a travel version they could play while they have down time. It seems there is a lot of waiting around that goes on at SI's and during Nut rehearsals.

Maybe not as interesting as the full blown version!!!

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