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Peter Martins on the airwaves

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From the company web site:

Peter Martins Interview

On Thursday, May 15, radio station WNYC (FM 93.9) will air an interview with New York City Ballet Master in Chief Peter Martins beginning at 2:06pm. Mr. Martins will discuss his work with composer John Adams including their newest collaboration, Guide to Strange Places.

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Like all of Martins' ballets to Adams' music so far, this is not strictly speaking a collaboration. The music already existed before Martins did the choreography. Only in the case of Adams' Violin Concerto was there a quasi-collaboration in that Adams knew before composing it that it would be used for a Martins ballet. Oddly enough, Martins has expressed unhappiness with some of his choreography for that one.

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I just finished listening to the Martins interview. The artistic director/ballet-master-in-chief claims that his CHAIRMAN DANCES was the "first" all female ballet. I can think of at least three that premiered long before that:

GALA PERFORMANCE (the 19th century one)



I'm sure there are others...

Just think, in August Martins and Gergiev can share their revisionist history of theatre together.

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