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  1. Suzanne Farrell is always going to be my favorite. She was extraordinary. It was magical when she danced with Peter Martins. What else can I say? I also loved watching Merrill Ashley. She made it all look so easy. I envy her SAB students and the dancers in other companies where she restages Balanchine ballets. Kathleen Moore is another favorite retiree. I was so happy when she got the leading role in Lar Lubovich's RED SHOES (which, in retrospect, is a masterpiece next to his recent ARTEMIS). Though regulated to character dancing, Ms. Moore was wonderful in the Tudor and DeMille rep
  2. Ballet Tech's revival of AT MIDNIGHT made me very happy. I love that ballet. The company is coming along very nicely indeed. In the Spring, Feld is continuing his exploration of Conlon Nancarrow's avant-garde music - hopefully with the same four ballerinas who were exceptional in PIANOLA. Both of Christopher Wheeldon's new Lyigeti (sp.?) ballets are incredible. Wouldn't it be fun if all three were danced on the same program? It was great seeing the San Francisco Ballet back in NYC. DAMEND was a shocking, surprising look at the Medea legend. It's powerful stuff. The other new work that
  3. 'Thought provoking?' Try wishful thinking. While it's encouraging that the Mariinsky is gradually adding Balanchine to its repertory, any serious challenge of being 'the house of Balanchine' must includes his 'leotard' ballets. The training and available coaching is in place, but will it ever be taken advantage of? A ballet that would be perfect for this company is LIEBESLIEDER WALTZER because they could employ any of their singers. For now, that road leading to the 'house' still has to go through New York/Harlem, Seattle, San Francisco, and Miami. I'm not saying it can't happen in St. P
  4. Suzanne Farrell was always be my favorite ballerina. She retired some time ago but made a lasting impression. I remember everything she did in LA VALSE, DIAMONDS, APOLLO and VIENNA WALTZES. It is hard to watch others dance her parts, which can be painful with NYCB's inappropriate casting practices. With Suzanne it went beyond her incredible techinque, for she knew how to phrase the choreography. Making ballet look spontaneus is not easy, but she did. It is for these reasons that she is such a valuable teacher and caretaker of the Balanchine repertory. That her former partner (and
  5. Eddie J. Shellman's career continues as a DTH Board member - and my teacher! Eddie has a school in Teaneck, NJ. His adult classes are wonderful and within the school there are a number of young, very talented and promising students.
  6. I will always want to dance 4Ts "3rd Theme," lead the Finale of EPISODES and anything in ANTIQUE EPIGRAPHS, SYMPHONIC VARIATIONS, or DRINK TO ME WITH ONLY THINE EYES!
  7. The current (June 21-28) TIME OUT NEW YORK features an interview with Amanda McKerrow, who mentions that she and her husband John Gardner are leaving ABT. She is NOT retiring but does not mention definite future plans either. Maybe ABT doesn't think this is a terrible loss - not with their other married couple on the roster - but I do.
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