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  1. Hello, Has anyone had a chance to see a new Mayerling DVD/Blu-Ray with Steven McRae and Sarah Lamb? https://www.amazon.com/Liszt-Kenneth-MacMillans-Mayerling-DVD/dp/B07SZGSZH7/ref=tmm_dvd_swatch_0?_encoding=UTF8&qid=&sr= It looks like the cast is excellent, but not sure how it compares to the earlier releases of the one with Watson and the one with Mukhamedov. Appreciate your feedback.
  2. Wish there were at least one cast with Osmolkina, Kondaurova, and Tereshkina together. Does Skorik absolutely have to be in every cast? Nothing against Skorik, just the other three are my favorites.
  3. Absolutely agree MadameP, awful news. It doesn't make any sense. To your list of three I would also add Matvienko; all four deserve to be promoted way before Skorik. Maybe I am wrong, but who ever goes to see a ballet just because Skorik is in it if they have a choice? As oppose to Osmolkina for example, I would go to a great length to rearrange my schedule to get a chance to see her performing. Oh well...
  4. Thank you Birdsall and Amy! I did like his dancing too. And I didn't know Viktoria was his wife; wow, what a beautiful and talented couple they make.
  5. Did he leave Mariinsky? Don't see him in the roster anymore.
  6. Thank you very much mom2 and kbarber!!
  7. Hi everyone, Does anyone have recommendation of Saturday the 12th Mat cast (Meiss+Maddox) vs Friday/Sunday, July 11, 13 cast (Rodriguez+Ebe)? I know Cote and Hodgkinson, but cannot make it to any of their days/times. Thank you in advance.
  8. Thank you Tiara and Natalia! That IS sad! We (our family) are her fans; she is sort a face of Mariinsky or one of the faces in our mind. We didn't follow each and every of her performances, but she seemed to be very talented capable dancer. I hope the change in ranks was something that fit her current life situation better and wasn't a "just because" demotion.
  9. Don't see Elena Androsova on the Coryphees list anymore . Anybody knows if she's gone to some other company?
  10. To Bonnette: "According to Microsoft's Babelfish translator, the headline above the video says: "Bolshoi Ballet's Hudruku Owl faces two operations." (I guess a Hudruku Owl - like the rose by another name - is an Artistic Director.)" "Hudruku" = the idiotic translation of Russian abbreviation for "Aritistic Director"="hudruk"="HUDozhestvenniy RUKovoditel'" "Owl" = "Filin". Last name, Filin, is spelled exactly the same as russian word for "owl".
  11. Sorry, found the answer in your link. It is the Voronezh one.
  12. Which company is that, do you know by any chance? There is no such company as "THE State Ballet of Russia", usually there is a city name that comes with it, e.g. Voronezh State Ballet Theater, Ekaterinburg State Ballet Theater, Novosibirsk State Ballet Theater, etc. The companies conveniently drop the cities names when they tour and it looks like they are THE(!) State Ballet Theater
  13. Absolutely! Well deserved and way overdue. I hope Osmolkina gets promoted too some time soon.
  14. A little loose translation: First, ballet was where she could be a number one, a leader. She had always wanted to be a leader in academics (all As), life, and ballet. Real understanding of what ballet is came later. She answered a question about her move from Mariinsky to Bolshoi. "It was certainly somewhat unexpected. After nine years in Vaganova school dreaming of joining the Mariinsky and at the last moment change the city and the company." The parents are still in St. Petersburg while she had moved to Moscow. She said it was good to her to move and start living on her own ("I am already 20 y.o" ), have responsibilities and have to manage her life. As far as the Bolshoi, it is now where she gets opportunity to realize herself as an artist and now all her goal and dreams associated with Bolshoi. "There are no real friends in ballet world, only acquaintances..." She describes herself as not a very social person; she is comfortable to be in her own thoughts and things to do. She finishes saying that to reach your goals you have to be bold and not to be afraid to dream and work toward your dream.
  15. Does anybody know what happened to Artem Shpilevsky? His name is gone from the list of dancers.
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