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  1. great casting... veronika part and roberto bolle!
  2. I was in the mezzanine and almost everyone around me had purchased $10 student tickets through the special offer. And we had great seats. The wings were empty. I didn't get a look upstairs or at the orchestra. I would have picked up a few more performances this weekend but had the lsat today. Nice to see the ABT stars out and about. I found "One" intense, emotional, and arresting. A darker mood than the rest of the program; I loved it! So much in fact I didn't mind the swap. Also really enjoyed Christine Thomassen doing quick, inventive choreography in "Shutters Shut." Some nice partnering in "Commedia," and I've seen "Fool's Paradise" before.
  3. Christopher Wheeldon introduced the program tonight and said they removed the pas de deux because of injury. He didn't specify whose.
  4. i think malakhov's departure might be health (injury) related. no simkin yet? and veronika sadly still among the soloists.
  5. I can't believe he brought Vishneva up three times without any mention of Angelina Jolie.
  6. You couldn't have said it better... I mean, I think Irina's always a great technician, but I was aware every minute of the first act that she was "acting" today. What is it? Is she overacting? She just has this vacant smile. I liked her much more once she came unhinged, and she was better in the second act. And real tears before she died! Technically though, oh my god, the hops on pointe she did at the beginning were unreal, she just skittered across the stage. I don't know how she can be so sensational in one ballet and I don't want to say it-- forced... in another. I loved her in Merry Widow this year, but was disappointed today. I saw Julie and Ethan on Tuesday and you know like, you can't compare. The sailing bouquets at the end were ridiculous; Irina and Max must have gotten eight thrown at them. Veronika Part though, I went just to see her and she was excellent, and so GORGEOUS, god, they should put her picture in the tourist brochures next to the Statue of Liberty. She had beautiful serpentine arms, and was so predatory as Myrtha. She moved very slowly in places, especially when she was waving her arms above her head, and I think this added a lot of power to her gestures; it was very different from Wiles' approach on Tuesday, which was a little more insistent.
  7. vishneva's out, according to her site: she took the date off her calendar too.
  8. I agree with Aurora about Wiles. I am very disappointed that Irina Dvorovenko is not dancing Gamzatti this season. I've never seen anyone as vindictive or scintillating in the role; she was spectacular last year, and Wiles was nowhere near her level last night.
  9. I felt for Veronika surfing onstage in that giant merry-go-round Swan. She was a dream though; she's so patient and has the most beautiful arms. I love her more and more each time I see her. My sister was disappointed Carabosse stayed on the ground this year (she's 7), but I think it was for the best.
  10. there are several other typographical errors on their website, including a missing possessive and missing conjunction in the paragraph right below that heading. it could very easily be a translation issue. i also doubt they formatted the html themselves, with or without the intention of demeaning anyone in the company.
  11. Kristi Boone was Mercedes and Sascha Radetsky played Espada. They were on fire; Radetsky was so commanding with his cape. Flower girls were Lane and Boylston. Misty Copeland and Joseph Phillips were the gypsies, and Melissa Thomas was Queen of the Dryads. Anne Milewski played Amour.
  12. I saw Herman. You would never have known it was his debut; he was flying. He drew many deep gasps from the audience, particularly for his tours and midway through the first act, when Basilio and Kitri scamper back onstage: he entered with a tremendous leap. He and Xiomara had a sweet comic feeling between them. He was devilish and playful, while she teased him back. I haven't seen Xiomara in a principal role in ages, and forgot how light and unassuming she is. I liked them together. Merrill Ashley and Gelsey Kirkland were both in attendance (separately). A pair of older ladies behind us flipped out when they spotted Gelsey; one even walked up the aisle and then walked back down again to confirm.
  13. gia kourlas whines about lang's piece in the times today, but i thought it was stunning from the dress circle. loved irina and max.
  14. i saw a sign for this event at bn yesterday: May 27, 2008 7:00 PM Author Event Nancy Ellison: In Classic Style: The Splendor of American Ballet Theatre Non-Fiction Barnes & Noble Booksellers Lincoln Triangle Lincoln Triangle 1972 Broadway New York, NY 10023 212-595-6859
  15. my boyfriend and i spotted vishneva walking around lincoln center yesterday afternoon. is she injured?
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