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  1. The Chicago is trying to negotiate for a later date, but definitely not June, just spoke with them. let's hope for COVID to be over soon
  2. beware: they use dynamic pricing, as of now, they bumped the cheapest pricing from $50 to $65 on Sat 7:30 and Sund 2pm. And i bet they keep the front orchestra for pricing and selling later. There are still $50 tickets available on Friday and Sat 2pm. All the best to all.
  3. HI, i just checked the announced pricing - holly commonly, the lowest price being $59; in my over 15 years traveling to Kennedy for ballet, i've never seen such a jump in the LOWEST (entry) level pricing. I would have expected it from the Ardani engagement. I might write something to Kennedy about it. I'm not pointing out the upper limit, just the lowest pricing, it used to be more affordable.
  4. just my humble observation/opinion. M. Khoreva is missing a traditional Vaganova/Mariinsky upper body softness, fluidity, flexibility, and opulence. She's super flexible in the chest down, but not in the typical lyrical so soft upper body. She moves kinda rigidly there. She didn't have that "shortness" in videos in her school years. just my 2 cents
  5. Happy for Andrey Ermakov, FINALLY ;-)) well (long past-due) deserved.
  6. Great news, Thank you for sharing. however, for me personally a lot depends on the casting. I can't stand another iteration of "girlish" portrayals of M.Khoreva and/or M.Nagahisa. Brought they “mature” ballerinas for the role, then it’s totally justifiable to hop on a cross-country flight.
  7. Casting changes ;-(( No Tereshkina, Khoreva replaces her performances, Ekaterina Chebykina will be replacing Khoreva. Sad that i will not see Tereshkina. I'm not a big fan of Chebykina ;-(( http://www.kennedy-center.org/calendar/event/BTBSG
  8. Saw it yesterday, M.Gomes with Ashley Shaw. Ashley is very soft and elastic in her movements, and her upper body movement slightly resembled me the Russian style. Bearing in mind that, as nysusan wrote, they are not a ballet company, I found them extraordinary for that. Dancers and choreography were very musical, fluid, fast, filled with nuances, steps and action to the fullest (but avoiding jittery moves common for some contemporary staging). Loved his innovative design and utilization of the curtains, and fast movement (but again, not jittery). At the curtain call I was amazed that the compa
  9. Had it been a different cast i would visit, but not this one
  10. YID


    I have not seen all 7, but i had seen four (4) performances and each possible cast in Costa Mesa, Friday-Sunday and saw Skorik twice. Besides the great body and physics, that was the worst O/O in my life-span*. Not only she omitted most "birdy" like moves, simplified steps, was wobbly with partnering**, missed the music score, she had NO acting, she never looked at Siegfried, and only "connection" she had was with Rothbald in black swan act. There was NO chemistry in partnering, i just felt her fear. Yep, she has the terrific body/ the great "istrument", but i'll stay away from buying ticket
  11. YID


    i liked this Carmen by Yermakov and Tereshkina - Bravo - besides his dancing he's great acting (i believed him) in those close ups, loved Tereshkina - enjoy, the fellow forum members
  12. Jayne, with all due respect, this forum is about ballet. (imho-had you had Ballet travel specific questions (say, where is the stage door at Mariinsky, or where to get tickets for ballets)) I usually go to tripadvisor . com for questions like -"For the experts (who have been before), if you had a week in St Petersburg, how would you plan it? What traditional spots are worth the effort or not? What unusual spots would you recommend?". Though there are forum moderators who can tell.
  13. ah, interesting topic. I went in April (to see LOTS of ballets). and the itenerary was like: sightseeing whole day, watching ballets at night - however, i'm russian speaking. But from my english speaking perspective - it's very navigateable, very English-ized, and lovely city. "white nights" has beauty of long days, but also presence of cruiseships in city (resulting in extra tourists), another beauty of May-September - parks in suburbs city will be open. I want to go back as i've not finished all museums and sights, need revisit all those satelite towns and see more ballets
  14. YID

    Evgenia Obraztsova

    thank you for posting it. Ah, Evgenia Obraztsova & Andrain Fadeev my UTMOST favorite Juliet & Romeo... She was the darling of Mariinsky's residency in NYC this summer (July 2011).
  15. +1000% ;-)) I not only like his looks but the way he dances (I used to go to watch particular balerinas, but after seeing Andrian several times - I just adore him and would sure try to see as many of his shows this coming April as possible....) a bit off topic - Andrian is also a great GENTLEMAN, once attending a Giselle performance in DC (in '05), i saw a very handsome, tall, slim, and a bit humble guy volunteer his perfect (fron rows) seat to a woman and taking a seat in far back rows. He looked familiar, back home and double-checking the Kirov's site - sure it was Andrian Fadeyev. I saw h
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