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  1. difficult question indeed, i could be anyone. If you really want to know who she is i suggest that you ask the royal danish ballet maybe they know
  2. I´m reading the sixith Harry Potter book, harry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince, it´s exiting but my favorite one is Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix I love to read books about ballet and enjoy books about baking. I love baking it´s very fun
  3. Hi, I wonder if someone has seen the swedish ballet movie the dancer? I have orderd it online at dvdboxoffice becasue it´s impossible to buy it in Sweden, has anyone seen it? If so what do you think of it? Now i have discoverd a second movie it´s called Premiärdansösen(principal dancer) a documentary about Swedish principal dancer Marie Lindqvist. The However the movie is very difficult to buy and i´m not sure if it´s been released but it came out in 2001 so it should have been released I have e-mailed the producer of the movie, hopefully i´ll get an answer back:)
  4. Hi, I have a big problem, a friend if mine found out that Tachkin's St. Petersburg Ballet Company (i think) is going to guestdance in Sweden Lund, but i can´t find any information about it. I would like to know if someone knows their website or some other information because the theather and ticket sellers dosen´t know anything about their preformance
  5. thanks, The curse does have a advance course in ballet and i think the advance is pointe class i´m still quite young 21 but i wern´t interested in ballet dancing until now and red all books about ballet and i did never thought about dancing ballet:) . I´m so exited i´m going to buy a leotard and ballet shoes and other ballet stuff Edited by moderator to remove quote of entire preceding post.
  6. I´m going to start dancing ballet in spring. I wasn´t sure if i wanted to start dancing it, last week a saw a bunch of kids in ballet dresses and i thought if they can so can I. And i went online to find a ballet course and i found one so i did enter it and the next day an e-mail arrived in my mail box saying that the course did start 5 weeks ago and it wasn´t possible to enter it. But it had also good news saying i could enter it next term from the begining and I will I will never be a profesionell ballerina but at least I do get to feel like one
  7. But is this a classical ballet or modern?
  8. Thanks chiapurisfor your review, Do you recommend me to see it? The Bolshoi ballet will be guestdancing in the Danish Royal Ballet and they will prefrom the brigth stream, and i can´t decide if i want to see it or not
  9. I´m sure they did put his name in the solodanser section by mistake , his name is now in the solist section together with the other solists.
  10. I began to read Dance Europe beacause i saw an interview with Court Dancer Marie Lindqvist, i do buy it when i see something that i think it´s interesting. I think it´s a good magazine if you want to look at reviews, now i made a subscription on Pointe magazine and can´t wait for it to arrive on my doorstep
  11. Hi, I wonder if anyone reads some kind of ballet magazine?
  12. Hi, I just want to let you know that principal dancer and Sebastian Michanek have their own websites! Sebastian has had his hompages for a few years now but i thougth you should know this Nathailes homepage I did discover in this days. The adresses are: www.nathalienordquist.com/ and www.sebastian.michanek.com/ enjoy:)
  13. Are they going to sell tickets to every repertory or just the ones that are due in September?
  14. Thanks Helene, maybe he will open it again someday
  15. Does anyone know the adress to Thomas Lund´s website?
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