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  1. Hi Bart! When I learned the pas de deux myself the teacher told the girls to float the arms. Her partner should turn her slightly from side to side as she does this. I just think it's a matter of slight differences in productions, styles and traditions. The most russian ballerinas I have seen have from the attitude croissé bent forwards into a penché (third arabesque) floating her arms from side to side, as you describe; not also that her partner has to help her achieve this movement. While I think most english productions just have the ballerina from the third arabesque penché turn into
  2. Hi! I was watching some dvd:s of the Sleeping Beauty (the Paris Opera version by Nureyev,and the one by Sir Peter Wright with Sofiane Sylve); when it occured to me I don't know the names of the fairies in the prologue in these two productions. And it doesn't say, they're just called the six fairies or something....?? In Nureyev's production it's seven fairies because the Lilac Fairy is entirely a mime role, as in Sir Peter Wrigth's production....; but Nureyev also choose to make the second variation a duett for two fairies. So I'm wondering if any one knows the names of the fairies in both
  3. Absolutely Mariinsky's reconstructed versions of Bayadère and Sleeping Beauty And I would love to see a recording of Royal Swedish Ballet's production of Swan Lake by Nathalie Conus!!
  4. If you like tragic story ballets with gorgeous pas de deuxs, music and costumes(a la Onegin, Manon, Mayerling e t c)....then what are you waiting for.????? IT*S ABSOLUTELY WONDERFUL!!!
  5. 1. Agnes Letestú (on DVD)- for mee she's the Odette/Odile of our time 2 Nina Ananiashvili (on DVD) -beautiful in everthing she does, and lovely swan arms LIVE: 1. Judith Simon. http://www.voiceofdance.com/hpimage/swanlakeswed.jpg -especially for her Odette, but beautiful as Odile to 2. Marie Lindqvist. http://balletbookstore.com/ballerina/pic/lindqv01.jpg -impressing as Odile! 3. Nathalie Nordquist. http://balletbookstore.com/ballerina/pic/nordq03.jpg -the sweetest and lovliest Odette I've ever seen!!
  6. Here are my favourite productions of the Sleeping Beauty! I haven't seen that any (unfortunetly) yet, and most of them on video.., but anyway: 1: My absolute favourite are Rudolf Nureyev's production for the Paris Opera with sets and costumes by Ezio Frigersio and Franca Squarcapino!! It's a beautiful and stunning production, and I love Nureyev's added choreography for Prince Desiré since I think male dancing is also very beautiful and it gives the charachter perhaps a bit more depth. I also find the choreography very beautiful and musical (I've only seen the video with Manuel Legris and Aure
  7. During the curtain call after Thirsdays performance of Cendrillon, ballet master Madeleine Onne stepped out on stage, and told a moved Nadja Sellrup she had been nominated Principal Dancer!! Not that it's a big surprise; Nadja is one of the Royal Swedish Ballet's strongest and most exiting dancers. She has already danced big leading roles as Odette/Odile in Swan Lake and Giselle. Nadja is dancing the role of the Good Fairy/the Mother in Cendrillon (she literally glows)! http://dansportalen.se/ http://www.operan.se/templates/ActorDetail...amp;actorid=910 http://www.operan.se/templates/L
  8. GOOD NEWS!! Jurgita Dronina (Swedish Royal Ballet) has been nominated 1st Soloist from July 1st 2007!!! She has, only 20 years old, already danced Juliet in Romeo and Juliet, Nikiya in La Bayadére, Annika in Pippi Longstocking and Lotta in the Nutcracker. Ballet chief Madeleine Onne sais: " Jurgita has a talent over the usual, and she has a maturity in her artistry that has made both critics and the audience take her tho their hearts". Jurgita will dance the role of Juliet again next season 07-08.
  9. HI! Yupps I saw the premiere and I loved it! What a funny, sad, tragic and beautiful ballet! The opening night was attended by the royal family, so it was a bit of a gala feeling. There was also a very special person in the audience...yes that's right, BARYSHNIKOV!!! He's in Sweden right now working on a duett created for him and Ana Laguna by Mats Ek! They are performing it this autum at Dansens Hus in Stockholm! As I said there was reel gala feeling, everyone was dressed in there finest, and there was photographers in the entrance! The Swedish Royal Ballet is actually the first co
  10. Tomorrow 30 May 2007 at 7:30pm the curtain will rise at the royal swedish opera on Christoph Maillot's production of Cendrillon! It's the first time the company dances this production, but however, the well-known production by Sir Frederick Ashton enterd the repertoire in 1991. There is 2 casts divided over 8 performances: The Good fairy: Nadja Sellrup/Sarah Medley The Father: Nikolaus Fotiadis/Anders Nordström Cinderella: Nathalie Nordquist/Anna Valev The Prince: Oscar Salomonsson/Jan-Erik Wikström The Stephmother: Katariina Edling/Nicole Rhodes 1st Stephsister: Katja Björner/Jenny
  11. The cast list for Cendrillon! Only two casts this time. The Premiere is on May 30th The good fairy: Nadja Sellrup/Sarah Medley The Father: Nikolaus Fotiadis/Anders Nordström Cinderella: Nathalie Nordquist/Anna Valev The Prince: Oscar Salomonsson/Jan-Erik Wikström The Stephmother: Katariina Edling/Nicole Rhodes First Stephsister: Katja Björner/Jenny Nilson Second Stephsister: Gina Tse/Jeanette Diaz Barboza
  12. 1 Alina Cojocaru 2 Marianela Nuñez 3 Marie Lindqvist 4 Anna Valev 5 Jenny Nilson 6 Jurgita Dronina ...... I could go on and on
  13. HI! I've been thinking about this Prince Siegfried, and well I must say his a troubled young man (just kidding)..... No I think to be able to understand Siegfried we have to go back to what's happened before the curtain goes up (I'm talking about productions without the silly Odette transformed into swan by some green monster ) ....wich I think is a bit unnecessary! Before the action on the stage begin Siegfried's father (the King) has died (in some productions reacently, in others he has grown up without a father). SIEGFRIED has to become KING before he has even had time to discover
  14. Hi! :blush: I've just come home from a performance of La fille mal gardée. It was really good I think, it's such a sweet and fun ballet you can't help smiling all the time. I catched a perfomance of the 1st cast; Lise was danced by Nathalie Nordquist and Colas by Oscar Salomonson. Alain was danced by soloist Jens Rosén, and Widow Simone by principal dancer Christian Rambe. They were all very good but the guys were slightly better. Howewer Nathalie Nordquist was an adorable Lise. The role suites her very well. She danced very secure (as always), though she is not the dancer with stronge
  15. Last saturday (March 31), La fille mal gardée opened for 12 performances throughout April. The ballet hasn't been danced in Stockholm since season 1989/90. The premier was danced by principal Nathalie Nordquist and soloist Oscar Salomonson as Lise and Colas, who danced their roles for the first time. Here is a link to some photos and you can also watch a video clip from the performance! http://www.operan.se/templates/ListingIndex.aspx?id=579 http://www.operan.se/templates/ListingIndex.aspx?id=592
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