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  1. Yes, she's the younger of Peter Schaufuss's two daughters from his marriage to Janette Mulligan who was a dancer with English National Ballet. Are you really sure about that?! On her CV it says that she´s from Brisbane, Australia
  2. What has happend to Eliza Mullholland and Anna Kuran? They were listed as aspirants i think
  3. Does anyone know why Sebastian Michanek headshoot picture isn´t published in the 08/09 repertoire book of the Royal Danish Ballet? Is he going to leave i really don´t know what to think about it, that would be a huge tragedy for me
  4. Hi, i have an update about Thomas Lund, i have recently discoverd that he together with Ole Nørlyng have written a book about his life. I think the book is of of course in danish but it sounds very interesting The book is called "Danseglæde og springkraft" and i have manage to find a little sample of it http://www.weekendavisen.dk/apps/pbcs.dll/...60106/-1/kultur but that´s also in danish but for you who dosen´t understand it i have found a early picture of Thomas together with Bill Holmberg with Neel Resling Halpern enjoy http://www.neelreslinghalpern.com/board.html
  5. On October 13th i went to Copenhagen to see Caroline Mathilde, the ballet is about Caroline Mathilde´s life. The scenografi was magnificent as the clothes I have never seen such beautiful clothes the main characters were danced by Thomas Lund,Gudrun Bojsen,Andrew Bowman. I haven´t ever seen Thomas dance before he did a stunning preformance as Christian VII woaw now i know what everyboy is talking about Gudrun was a magnificent Caroline Mathilde, the whole show was overwhelming it was a bit modren and a bit classic. I liked it a lot
  6. difficult question indeed, i could be anyone. If you really want to know who she is i suggest that you ask the royal danish ballet maybe they know
  7. Hi, I have red that it´s going to be a completely diffrent show this year. It will be a so called let´s dance program with no ballet I can´t belive my eyes when i red that Does anyone know if there will ever be a eurovision young dancers like it used to be?
  8. Hi, i have red at the Royal Danish Famliy website that the Royal Family will take part of a 200 years celebrity party at the Royal Danish Ballet. Does anyone know if it´s going to be broadcosted on tv?
  9. I have found an interview with Jurgita but i´m afraid it´s in lithuanian language so I don´t understand it perhaps you do http://judron.tripod.com/Jurgita_Dronina.html
  10. Where did you see the video was it on the net please let me know
  11. Jurgita seems to be a lovely dancer unfortuanly I haven´t seen her dancing beacuse I don´t live in Stockholm I have heard and red only positive things about her. Hopefully she will be guestdancing in at the Royal Danish Ballet then I´ll see her
  12. I´m looking forward to see Don Quiote, The Nutcracker and espescially Onegin
  13. what an embarrssing moment it´s feels great that dancers do replay when they receive post from fans all though a dancers day can be quite hectic sometimes. It´s sad when dancers die but in a way they will never be forgotten there will always be a change seeing them in a ballet or on you tube
  14. Ok, do you really think that a ballet company would allow sendig letters to a dancer i really hope so
  15. Hello I´ve found out that Dragos Michalcea has got an hompage at http://www.dragosmihalcea.com/
  16. How do I get an autograph from a dancer?!
  17. Hello, I wonder if someone knows some good seating places at the new opera house? I have never been there so it´s difficult for me to deside :mellow:
  18. Hi, I wonder where I can find picutures of the participants of Eurovision young dancers 2003? I do remember that there was this dutch site about it that had those pictures
  19. Her name was Natalia Dall i don´t know in which companies she did join but she lived in warsaw so that has to be a company there.
  20. Hi, I have disocverd that my grandmother was a ballerina but i don´t know if she was a prinicipal nor a solist. My mom told me that she was a ballerina and I have a 2 pictures when she was dancing however i can´t ask her about that beacause she died a year ago but i know she would be very happy if she´d knew that i´m going to start dancing ballet
  21. I´m reading the sixith Harry Potter book, harry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince, it´s exiting but my favorite one is Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix I love to read books about ballet and enjoy books about baking. I love baking it´s very fun
  22. Hi, I wonder if someone has seen the swedish ballet movie the dancer? I have orderd it online at dvdboxoffice becasue it´s impossible to buy it in Sweden, has anyone seen it? If so what do you think of it? Now i have discoverd a second movie it´s called Premiärdansösen(principal dancer) a documentary about Swedish principal dancer Marie Lindqvist. The However the movie is very difficult to buy and i´m not sure if it´s been released but it came out in 2001 so it should have been released I have e-mailed the producer of the movie, hopefully i´ll get an answer back:)
  23. Hi, I have a big problem, a friend if mine found out that Tachkin's St. Petersburg Ballet Company (i think) is going to guestdance in Sweden Lund, but i can´t find any information about it. I would like to know if someone knows their website or some other information because the theather and ticket sellers dosen´t know anything about their preformance
  24. thanks, The curse does have a advance course in ballet and i think the advance is pointe class i´m still quite young 21 but i wern´t interested in ballet dancing until now and red all books about ballet and i did never thought about dancing ballet:) . I´m so exited i´m going to buy a leotard and ballet shoes and other ballet stuff Edited by moderator to remove quote of entire preceding post.
  25. I´m going to start dancing ballet in spring. I wasn´t sure if i wanted to start dancing it, last week a saw a bunch of kids in ballet dresses and i thought if they can so can I. And i went online to find a ballet course and i found one so i did enter it and the next day an e-mail arrived in my mail box saying that the course did start 5 weeks ago and it wasn´t possible to enter it. But it had also good news saying i could enter it next term from the begining and I will I will never be a profesionell ballerina but at least I do get to feel like one
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