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  1. I bought my tickets online from the SPAC website and did get an email about Saturday’s cancellation. It came around 5PM Friday and contained instructions on how to obtain a refund or gift certificate. I’m not sure how they determined who got these notifications but it appears at least some of us did. I’m a longtime SPAC attendee and this is the first time I recall they’ve ever cancelled a performance. Since I’ve sat through shows in extreme heat before, I wonder if the decision was influenced by the fact there are kids performing in this ballet.
  2. Somewhat related... I have a ticket for an upcoming show but am only interested in seeing Namouna, the last ballet on the program. Will I run into any problem showing up at the second intermission? I didn't know if ticket-takers were still available that late.
  3. Update: Ticket has been sold. Thank you. I've had to cancel my trip tomorrow so I'm selling a single ticket for Sunday night's Romeo + Juliet performance at 7:00. Face value is $33.50 and I'm asking $25. Please see the details in the Heads up! Tickets and Ticket Offers section above.
  4. Sara Mearns posted on instagram that she is dancing on opening night, Sept 19. Her other dates are Sept 23 matinee and Sept 30 evening.
  5. Thank you for responding. I did sign in to my account but still can't see anything. Are you a subscriber? I only buy single tickets each year so maybe the schedule is only viewable to subscribers at this point. I'm mostly curious to know the ballets and dates for the Richard Rodgers program. If anyone can view the schedule details, I'd appreciate it if you could post that info or PM me.
  6. I tried to view the fall 2016 and winter 2017 schedules but the calendar still shows "There are no events for this date". Is this method still working for you or have they perhaps taken the schedules down since the time you posted?
  7. I attended Tuesday night and thought Kathryn's performance was wonderful. I've seen R&J several times and it was interesting to see Juliet played by someone so young this time. I felt this really added something special to the emotion of the dancing. Tuesday night's crowd was the largest I've seen this season at SPAC and during the intermission, I heard many people commenting on how much they liked her performance.
  8. Is this production of Cinderella performed in three acts with an intermission between acts 2 and 3? I would like to see it some night this week but would have to leave early to catch the last train home at 10:30. I would only consider doing this if there was an intermission after the second act so that I could leave without disturbing others. Thanks for any advice you can offer.
  9. The 2006 Saratoga schedule is now posted on the SPAC website. I noticed that the curtain time for evening performances has been changed to 7:30.
  10. The oppressive hot weather finally took a break for one evening and there was another good size crowd at SPAC tonight. We were treated to a double-bill of Harlequinade and An American in Paris. Alexandra Ansanelli and Amanda Edge were wonderful as Colombine and Pierrette. Alexandra's solo in the second act was especially lovely. Teresa Reichlen as La Bonne Fee was not on stage much but when she was, it was impossible to take your eyes off her. Her feet barely seem like they're touching the floor. I haven't seen Harlequinade in about twenty years because it rarely comes to SPAC and I'd
  11. Just thought I'd post a followup since you were so helpful in answering my questions last weekend. I was able to purchase a ticket just before the show on Wednesday night in the Second Ring. The view was excellent so I'm glad I took your advice and chose that over the Orchestra section. Kyra Nichols in Mozartiana was the highlight of my evening. The first ballet I ever saw was Swan Lake with Kyra and she has always been one of my favorite dancers. Her performance on Wednesday was beautiful and elegant. In Thou Swell, I especially liked Janie Taylor and Nilas Martins and they seemed to be
  12. I appreciate all your comments. I've attended NYCB performances in Saratoga for years, but this will be my first time at Lincoln Center. Right now, all that's available for internet sale is the Fourth Ring and I was hoping for something better. I plan to keep checking though, so if Second or Third Ring seats turn up, I'll go ahead and purchase those. Thank you!
  13. Hi, I'm new to this board and would appreciate some advice concerning NYCB tickets. I'm interested in attending a performance next week that currently is sold out for First Ring and Orchestra seats. Does anyone know if additional seats are released a day or two before the performance? If not, do you normally find people selling extra tickets at face value outside the theatre before a performance? I've attended many Broadway shows where people are selling tickets because someone in their group couldn't make it at the last minute, so I was wondering if this occurs at the ballet as well. Tha
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