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  1. I bought my tickets online from the SPAC website and did get an email about Saturday’s cancellation. It came around 5PM Friday and contained instructions on how to obtain a refund or gift certificate. I’m not sure how they determined who got these notifications but it appears at least some of us did. I’m a longtime SPAC attendee and this is the first time I recall they’ve ever cancelled a performance. Since I’ve sat through shows in extreme heat before, I wonder if the decision was influenced by the fact there are kids performing in this ballet.
  2. Somewhat related... I have a ticket for an upcoming show but am only interested in seeing Namouna, the last ballet on the program. Will I run into any problem showing up at the second intermission? I didn't know if ticket-takers were still available that late.
  3. Update: Ticket has been sold. Thank you. I've had to cancel my trip tomorrow so I'm selling a single ticket for Sunday night's Romeo + Juliet performance at 7:00. Face value is $33.50 and I'm asking $25. Please see the details in the Heads up! Tickets and Ticket Offers section above.
  4. Sara Mearns posted on instagram that she is dancing on opening night, Sept 19. Her other dates are Sept 23 matinee and Sept 30 evening.
  5. I can only go Thursday night but those prices are $40-$50 higher than all the other performances for the same seats. Other than it being the opening, is there anything special about that performance?
  6. Thank you for responding. I did sign in to my account but still can't see anything. Are you a subscriber? I only buy single tickets each year so maybe the schedule is only viewable to subscribers at this point. I'm mostly curious to know the ballets and dates for the Richard Rodgers program. If anyone can view the schedule details, I'd appreciate it if you could post that info or PM me.
  7. I tried to view the fall 2016 and winter 2017 schedules but the calendar still shows "There are no events for this date". Is this method still working for you or have they perhaps taken the schedules down since the time you posted?
  8. I wanted to update this thread with my experience, which unfortunately wasn't a good one. I tried calling the box office to purchase an eight-ticket subscription and was told I could not choose exact seats, just a general location as you would if purchasing online. Maybe I was just unlucky because I got an agent that wasn't particularly helpful but I didn't end up buying anything today. If there are still a good selection of seats available in a few weeks, I'll try creating an online subscription then. Thanks for the feedback everyone.
  9. Thank you to everyone who took the time to reply. I'll try calling the box office on Monday to create a subscription and we'll see how it goes.
  10. I know they usually offer a presale for Nutcracker tickets about a week before the public on-sale date and was wondering if there might be something similar for the regular season. I'm going to be away from home when they go on sale August 2 and won't have computer access until mid-August. Although there will still be tickets available then, there are specific seats I really like and those will most likely be gone. NYCB has an arrangement with MasterCard but I haven't seen anything posted there and before doing more research, I thought I'd ask here if anyone knows whether they even do such a thing. Alternatively, do you know if it's possible to purchase a Create Your Own subscription over the phone and select your own seats? I usually attend about eight shows per year so a subscription would be fine but the online version only allows you to select by section/price. Thank you for any advice you can offer.
  11. I'm selling a single ticket for the New York City Ballet at Saratoga Performing Arts Center for the Thursday, July 16 matinee at 2:00. I bought two tickets for the same performance so I'm selling one of them. This is a box seat and you have your choice of Box 7 Row X in the Orchestra section or Box 17 Row A in the Balcony. I paid $47 for the ticket and am selling it at a reduced price of $30. I'll be attending the ballet at SPAC a few times this week so I can meet you there to give you the ticket or I can meet you in the Latham/Loudonville/Clifton Park area at another time. The program is: Symphonic Dances The Four Temperaments Symphony in C Please let me know if you have any questions.
  12. Never mind, I see it's been posted now, Friday's Dancer Chat is with Alexa Maxwell. This will be a nice way to begin a full weekend of ballet!
  13. I'll be attending the Dancer Chat on Friday evening, January 23. Do they normally announce ahead of time who is being interviewed? I've never been to one before and am looking forward to it.
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