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  1. Hello. I have one ticket to the February 18th performance of Swan Lake with Ashley Bouder and Jovani Furlan. Orchestra Left D31 $80.00 cash I am in Manhattan and could meet today or tomorrow. Please text if interested 617 388 1936.
  2. Tuesday 1/29 performance: Corps member, Mira Nadon, replaced Isabella LaFreniere tonight in the Mozartiana corps. She was the standout of the four women. Beautiful carriage and length. I hope to see more of her. I'm normally a Janzen fan and find him to be an attentive and elegant partner, but his solos were slightly awkward. The tight footwork wasn't effortless. And, have to agree with what others have said about the corps looking a little sloppy. Some early and some late in Serenade. Great to see Lovette back on stage who brings an ethereal quality to the role.
  3. Other than the four principals from this run and Maria Kowroski, have any current company members performed Odette/Odile? I would like to see Lauren Lovette take on the challenge.
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