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  1. It strikes me as odd that with all the medical advances that we have we are still mostly relying on strategies that were used over 100 years ago.
  2. Seriously? I don't smell well because I have allergies and take meds and, as a post menopausal woman, I get hot too. The risks to basic civil rights are increasingly emerging. You can't smell a cherry jelly bean and so now you can't work?
  3. Why is Houston, laying off its dancers and not more central office staff? They obtained a PPP loan. There are companies with far less money, bringing dancers back at modified rates of pay to stay in shape. Why are dancers the first cut?
  4. And, well, ballet dancers are part of that group of mass unemployed people? Right? They are actually people. While they make it possible for audiences to watch ballet, they, themselves, are also suffering from unemployment.
  5. It seems to me that the media (and related group think) are doing what they do during epidemics-- make a "news story" out of people who are infected. This further stigmatizes the illness. I find that really damaging to the ballet world. It's kind of sad that the chief critici for WaPo can only think to drone on and on about Julie Kent. Clearly a slow news year in dance. Furthermore, people in all walks of life, in all professions have contracted this disease and dance is no different. If we dramatize and decide that the standard in dance is no dancers infected ever, then we really do endanger the future of dance with group think. Acknowledge the risks, give dancers some choices about their return, and then let "Early adopters" move forward. Other sports are doing so. The purpose of controlling this spread is to prevent hospitals from becoming overwhelmed. As a group, dancers are pretty healthy. Few are morbidly obese, few are hypertensive, few have respitatory issues (though this might be a higher risk.) And, if you are going to mention that study in South Korea about dancers, do remember that it was 37 dancers (a very small sample in my field) and that, when distanced the risk was not high.
  6. I think that the technical flaws (32 fouettes, menage) are hard to characterize as a downfall of the NBS training. IMO those are strength and stamina issues. No school could be faulted for failing to deliver a neophyte dancer who struggles with the stamina demands of one of ballet's most challenging roles? Most advanced dancers can do 32 fouettes in studio. It's doing that after dancing full out for an hour on stage.
  7. mom2 . .. Any idea who will head the Co after Kaine?
  8. Volcano hunter I do think that most of the dancers in NBoC are NBS graduates. And, well, I puzzle over the suggestion that there has been a decline in quality> Do they use RAD or Vaganova syllabus instead. I do know that they are staunchly classical in their training. Cecchetti is so dry. I actually learned that way. It is slow and there is little movement. It's like a mathematician's approach to ballet. I wonder why they changed?
  9. Choice based on comfort level with various consequences. In the final analysis I believe (could be wrong) that the "asympotmatic" carrier will not be accountable for the vast majority of infections. The "studies" upon which that is based have very small sample sizes (one has one 37) and the others are largely correlational. People who infect others have symptoms. It would be very unsual if they did not. Diseases don't really act like that.
  10. It does seem obvious to do outdoor performances. I think the entire country and the arts world are all just breath holding and waiting for it to go away or for a vaccine to come. Instead, we should figure out how to press on. Reconfigure theaters, do outside performances, come up with protocols for back stage and on stage safety. Life has changed for good and we must do so. It can be done. We are innovative and resilient.
  11. FYI National Ballet School and National Ballet of Canada are not formerly linked in the same way that other schools are. NBS is not the "Company" school of NBoC. Yes, NBS feeds NBoC but the relationship is different.
  12. Fischer and Lobsanova to Miami???? That's, well, odd. Fischer going as a soloist?
  13. Representation seems to vary by demographic group https://www.brookings.edu/research/millennials/
  14. FYI: I said nothing about masking but here's my view: I live in a state that has a state-wide "face coverings" mandate. I obey laws. So I obey that law and my employer requires it as well. I live in an area with less than 2% infection rate. I don't believe they are needed. But I obey that law. Mostly, however, I don't shop inside stores or go to resturants. Health care settings and settings that civilians work in are very different. N95 masks are actually carefully fit in hospital settings. I have a friend who is an RN and fits employees.
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