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  1. Aren't there actual weight requirements at Paris Opera and Bolshoi? My understanding was that is was 50kg for women at the Bolshoi. I really do find that the Russian companies, in particular, actually DO favor a very, very thin look, achieved by whatever means possible. I follow about 10 such dancers and ALL are quite different in their look than American dancers (much, much, much thinner.).
  2. I think that it might be a good thing for Joy to settle into progressing through the ranks . . . She has it in her and will likely ascend and we will likely see her dancing advance. She needs to keep her life balanced.
  3. balletforme

    Kathryn Morgan

    Yes Vagansmom. . . . Yes. PR and other things sometimes do win the day. I do look forward to seeing Morgan on the stage. She shares that soloist rank with several very talented folks. It will inspire her for sure.
  4. balletforme

    Kathryn Morgan

    The paying audience is the jury IMO.
  5. Is it just me or is this entire thing just getting wackier and wackier? I am not an lawyer but can someone please tell me why would anyone seek this guy's deposition? And I read it and it really doesn't have anything very incriminating? It reads like a gossip rag.
  6. Quiggin: Great quote that captures what I noticed as a theme in their marriage-- professional competition.
  7. I've read Z: A novel of Zelda Fitzgerald, The Paris Wife, and recently The Gatsby Affair. The Gatsby Affair is non fiction and provided very sad details of the "psychiatric" treatment that Zelda recieved. She was not a well person but the marriage really never was functional at any time. They moved constantly. Traveled constantly. Drank constantly. It's a wonder Scott could produce any work--and something as masterful as Gatsby is nothing short of a miracle. I should try Save me the Waltz to at least hear Zelda's own words.
  8. So exciting for Aran! Great dancer!
  9. balletforme

    Kathryn Morgan

    The jury is still out. We haven't seen her dance. . . .
  10. Noticing a number of departures in Boston Ballet Misa, Kathleen Breen Combs,. . .. are there others?
  11. I'm loving this series. Were ensemble dancers really treated that badly? The first episode is sad. They are treated as disposable, desperate, kind of lazy, and they are so objectified. (The scene with Georgina where they appear to be taunting the dancer about wanting to sit down? ) The Cabaret episode is the same way (The interactions are so demeaning to the dancers.) I applaud the authentic characterization and depiction but I find it terribly sad. I just think it is so important to call out/recall/remember these figures are real people. Remembering that this was not that long ago suggests how far dance still really has to come. . .
  12. https://www.theguardian.com/stage/2019/apr/10/west-side-story-dance-aletta-collins-jerome-robbins Jesse LeProto and Rickie Ubeda (SYTYCD alums)
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