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  1. http://www.bloomberg.com/apps/news?pid=newsarchive&sid=a0oxw90zC9Wc A stagehand/prop person made close to 540k at Carnegie Hall. Carnegie hall and LCPA are non-profits regulated by the State of NY, and may even use buildings owned by the State. I believe Robert Moses used a State agency to condemn fund and build LCPA. State and Federal arts funds (AKA our tax dollars) helps cover many operating expenses of performing arts companies. NYSAG Elliott Spitzer had Dick Grasso thrown off the NYSE chairmanship for generous compensation. NYCB and ABT had to let a few dancers go to cut costs, I doubt the unions gave anything back or got more flexible on their work rules.
  2. There are stories floating around that Lincoln Center and Carnegie Hall Stage hands make a lot of money, and was recently mentioned on the radio. My question is, When I make a donation or buy a ticket to a Ballet Performance, how much is going to the stagehands versus the Dancers and Musicians? Warm Regards,
  3. Chi's legs in the Don Q solos were slightly unnatural, too choppy. The costume he wore was a giveaway, the white neckline makes it easy to play with the head and neck. When the DVD comes out, you will be able to tell. I think all the dancing was Chi's but they may have cuts bits and pieces from different individual performances. Movie editors do that. I liked seeing a ballet movie about Heterosexual men, it's about time!
  4. Some of the solo Dancing looked Computer generated, reminding me of "Blades of Glory" skating scenes. Beautiful movie and very moving.
  5. How does the Patent office offer a name trademark on a European Fairy Tale Character's name? I could see trademarking a likeness to the Cartoon Character, but not the name. I would also blame the Cultural cluelessness at the USPTO.
  6. I think the family of Tchaikovsky should trademark the name "Princess Aurora" and the their music in Russia. The French Should Trademark the Name "Sleeping Beauty" and "Beauty and the Beast" as a French Cultural institution.
  7. The Additional procenium prevented seeingANYTHING from the rear of the stage, the White Swan vision and the Apotheosis/sunrise were unseen. I did not see the company penchee/cambre that traditionally happens when the swans enter, did I fall asleep? Vishneva was AMAZING! Brava!
  8. Embarrassing. There's a reason this ballet in performed infrequently. The pieces of nice choreography are few and far between. The pdd for the leads repetitive. The corps has little to do but wear some very nice costumes. Chopin is better served in the Concert Hall. Long and dull. I was happily able to exchange all my other tickets for this ballet for other dates. I Agree, terribly long. I fell asleep during dress rehearsal.
  9. From connecticutballet.com: Saturday, July 17, 2010 – 7:30pm* Riverfront Recapture Mortensen River Plaza, Hartford Admission free *Rain date: Sunday, July 18, 2010 Special pre-performance complimentary ballroom class with master teacher John Vitti - 6:30-7:15pm. Please wear comfortable shoes (no heels). Amy I'm so glad you enjoyed it. Look for more Ballet in the Hartford area this Fall and Winter! We have some remarkable dancers! We repeated the performance in Bridgeport today at the Discovery Museum, it was well attended also. We made the evening events open to sponsors of Connecticut's Science museums and the Friends of Ct. Ballet.
  10. Actually this is a new program to bring Dance into schools while also exposing them to Science and Physics as well. Physics professor from U of Illinois attended, a Physical Therapist, a Sports doctor and a Skating Coach as well. Two short performances of the Summer season were premiered, a Contemporary Classic Piece and a Jitterbug-style piece, both by Connecticut Choreographers. The New Cesar Pelli designed Connecticut Science Center is Stunning, a 100 million dollar masterpiece towering over the Connecticut River.
  11. But you seem to have it down as 6:00-8:00pm When is it? Would like to come. The Flyer I have says 6-8pm, it is a private event for Friends of CT Ballet and Donors to the Museum. I think there are two events, one public and one private. Call the museum to confirm. Should be interesting.
  12. MacKenzie or David Koch mentioned ABT expects nutcracker to help ABT's financial stability.
  13. Yep, I was usually on stage ready to help move the packages at the bottom of the Tree in the Stamford Balanchine Nutcracker. If I was not off stage I had my ear pressed against the pit door to listen to the violin solo. BUT, it was a huge time waster, adding 7+ minutes to the ballet. It did give Clara's mother time to change into a nightgown and some of the Party Scene Children to get into Soldier/mouse costumes. Or adults changing into a Mouse costume. :^) I think it is more effective in Nutz than Beauty.
  14. Subject: Friends of Connecticut Ballet - Event Update! May 2010 Greetings - My fellow Friends of Connecticut Ballet; Over the next several months, Brett Raphael and the company's fabulous dancers have many unique and special events in store for the Friends of Connecticut Ballet. Access to these special gatherings is part of the benefit of membership. I hope you will pencil these dates into your agendas and join us. "The Science of Dance" - Why does it look like magic! Saturday, May 22nd: Connecticut Science Center, Hartford, 6:00-8:00 pm Sunday, May 23rd: The Discovery Museum & Planetarium, Bridgeport, 5:00-7:00 pm These two events are by invitation only for Museum and Science Center patrons and the Friends of Connecticut Ballet. A reception and informal tour of each venue will take place followed by a presentation by Professor George D. Gollin on the "Physics of Dance" along with a sneak preview of a new ballet by Connecticut Ballet dancers. Please RSVP to the Museum & Science Center events as follows: Kimberly Levesque, Company Manager, at: ctballet@ix.netcom.com or 203-964-1211 or 860-293-1039. RSVP by Friday, May 21 So food and Beverages can be ordered. **** New Ballet Fest - Come see the World Premieres of Connecticut Choreographers Mitzi Adams and Ted Thomas and a former Zig Zag Ballet dancer, Brian Carey Chung, performed by Connecticut Ballet's dancers. Thursday, July 8th: Levitt Pavilion for the Performing Arts, Westport 6:30 pm - Picnic/8:00 pm - Performance Back by popular demand is the Annual Friends of Connecticut Ballet Picnic in the Park followed by a performance by Connecticut Ballet: New Ballet Fest. Last years, picture perfect weather, stunning performance and festive picnic were a night to remember. Bring a folding chair and bring a friend! Picnic - exclusive for the Friends of Connecticut Ballet. Performance - admission is free. Saturday, July 17th: Riverfront Recapture, Mortensen River Plaza, Hartford (Rain date - July 18th) An annual tradition in Hartford, this evening includes a complimentary ballroom dancing lesson from master instructor John Vitti at 6:30 pm followed by the 'New Ballet Fest' performance at 7:30 pm. Performance - Admission is free. *** The sun may now be shining, but plans for the snow falling at the Palace Theatre have already begun. Save the date: The 2010 Nutcracker Gala will be on Saturday, December 11th at the Palace Theatre, Stamford. Please feel free to email me with any questions about these events. I look forward to sharing these fun and exciting engagements with all of you! Sincerely, Jeanne Jeanne Hendrickson President Friends of Connecticut Ballet (Posted by Mike Young, membership director)
  15. In Macauley's mind, Ashton and Balanchine are the only choreographers worth seeing. Friends of Connecticut Ballet co-sponsored a talk by MacAuley at the Wadsworth Antheneum in Hartford, the Museum sponsored Mr. B's green card and managed to buy almost all the costumes, sets and drawings from Ballet Russe. Mr Macauleys discussion was in depth and very knowledgeable.
  16. The Sleeping Beauty music came first, but it was not used in the 1890 production, so Tchaikovsky re-used the theme in Nutcracker. Hans, George Balanchine took the gorgeous Violin solo from Beauty and added it to his Nutcracker. No other Choreographer uses it. The piece builds excitement to lead into the battle scene in Act I.
  17. Alastair's comments were bigoted to say the least. Very surprised "The Gray Lady" would allow such a racist remark. To follow Alastair's logic: no Blacks or Latinas should dance as a Willie in Giselle, they are supposed to be ghostly and pale.
  18. He gives a lot of money to PBS too, maybe the audience is full of NBC executives. He got more applause than Ms. Trump, who needs to work on her presentation skills. I still prefer to keep the discussion apolitical. It was not terms for expulsion, but still a cheeky political slap. I think ABT did a great job last night, Mr. Koch deserves the accolades for his support.
  19. California, let's keep politics out of this board. No one criticized Mrs Obama when she appeared last year. Wonderful evening, I would have liked to have seen an excerpt from Nutcracker; perhaps one of the divertissements some costumes in the lobby. I would have liked to seen more from "Birthday Offering" Sleeping Beauty excepts were slow, PDD was messy and I miss the Technicolor costumes from the rose adagio. Audience was silent afterward. Bolle's partnering took my breath away, Camalias Chero was amazing, Bolle did lifts I have never seen before. Audience was buzzing after that piece. There was a beautiful Clarinet Solo, no mention in the program, Violins and Piano solos were mentioned. Orchestra was pitch perfect as usual. Floor tape came up in Thaiis PDD, Stage hands should have done a better job on the floor. "Caught" was great, music was loud. It was not a tour de force, but very visually appealing. Lighting rehearsals must have been difficult. I assume a lighting technician was backstage with a light trigger to capture Mr. Corella "en l'air" Cirque De Soleil style multiple bows was tacky, or Corella needed to rest.
  20. A new Nutz is always risky, a Fall contemporary season is as well.Cash is king, and the economy is not improving. Better to keep your powder dry.
  21. The Audience last night Friday was full of Ballet Fans. During the Silent section in DGV, you could hear people coughing IN THE LOBBY! I heard many gasps the evening when the dancers did something extraordinary, which was often Kudos to the Company and Mr. Corella! Spain deserves a world class ballet company, and they now have one. I look forward to see their version of Don Q in the future.
  22. I recall seeing it on PBS-TV, not my favorite opera, but might be worth seeing at the Met.
  23. I'm glad to hear Beauty was a success for NYCB. The stories of folding Ballet companies and other arts organizations has been disturbing.
  24. I went Friday night, perfromance seemed rushed. Only one intermission. Music felt a little too quick. Where was the variation where the Fairies hold hands and develope front and then develope back? The bass in the State Theater is subdued, while the treble notes are sharp and brilliant. Carabosse acted but did not dance, Why didn't the soldiers come forward to protect the Newborn Princess? Act I courtiers and royal costumes looked awful. Bland colors. Pastel drawings between acts were OK, Finale reminded me of St.Peter's Basilica in the Vatican. Sets were good, easily understood. ABTs "spider web" did not make any sense, even now. Nobody did a triple pirouette or really wow'ed me. The discount booth across the street, behind the Hotel Empire is really nice. I like the ABT version much better, better sets and costumes. House was close to full, in these difficult times Classical pieces always do well.
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