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  1. I attended the Tuesday April 9 and Saturday April 13 evening performances. This was my first Le Corsaire anywhere in person. My wife and I both LOVED IT and for sure would've been happy to go to more than two shows. I have a specific question that places me squarely in the unreliable witness category. For both, Ali's role was played by Kimin Kim. During Saturday night's Act II pas de deux a trois, the last half of the solo, Kimin finishes off diagonally. I'm 100% positive this is what I saw. But during Tuesday's night's show I could have sworn he finished off doing the circular versi
  2. I’m going Opening Night April 9 and on Saturday night April 13. Can’t wait!
  3. I went tonight (April 3) for the A Program with wife. We loved it! The house seemed very well attended. I’m not familiar with NYCB so can’t compare but def worth it, especially bc tix were only $29 a piece. 🙂
  4. I enjoy reading everyone’s insightful comments on this board — thank you! As mentioned I went Thursday (Kondaurova, Askerov, Batoeva). Loved it. My first time seeing LB and only set in stone prior commitments kept me from going to multiple performances.
  5. But... but... that’s my conversation starter! ;)
  6. I’ll be there tomorrow night Thursday. Wife is working so — again — just me. Orange tie having liquid appetizers at the Roof Terrace Restaurant bar beforehand if anyone wants to say hello or better yet join!
  7. I'm here too. Gray suit, orange tie. Wife taller than me!
  8. Hello all. Opening night tickets are secured, attending other performances TBD. I can't wait and reading everyone's comments just adds to the build-up. It'll be me plus new-to-ballet wife and we look forward to drinks with anyone who'd care to meet up.
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