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PNB 2013-14 season

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In 10 I assumed Orza because the woman looked like a redhead, and the only other redhead I can think of is Emma Love, who's a strawberry blond.

In 12 I guessed Brunson because it didn't look like James Moore to me, but it was from pretty far away to get the aerial effects.

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Act II "Giselle," Wilis led by Lindsi Dec and Sarah Ricard Orza (?)

I think that's Lindsi Dec and Lesley Rausch

Nadeau/Orza (??) in "Nine Sinatra Songs"

Maybe I'm crazy, but that looks like Stanko Milov with Carla to me...

Brunson/Casey Herd (??) in "Kiss"

Looks like Mara Vinson and James Moore

_________ and William Lin-Yee in "Sechs Tanze"

I think Josh Spell or Andrew Bartee, hard to tell

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