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PNB 2013-14 season

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Ok, I looked back at the thread for the 12-13 season, and the company made their announcement at the end of February. That's still a week away, so while we're waiting, anyone feel like speculating about what we might get to see next year?

I don't think this will show up in the next season, but I was struck by Boal's comment in his interview with Andrew Blackmore-Dobbyn about his interest in La Bayadere "I think doing La Bayadère would interest me. It really depends on the notation and how complete it is." Aside from my general interest in the prospect of a Bayadere I could take the bus to see, rather than an airplane, I was thrilled with the reference to notation -- the Stepanov notation is such a valuable resource and I'm so glad to see it recognized!

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Seattle Times has a new story on the 2013/2014 season:



  • World premiere ballet (currently untitled) by Twyla Tharp, who’s in residence at the company for several months this year, and which will be showcased in an all-Tharp program to open the season in September. That rep would also include the return of Tharp audience favorite “Nine Sinatra Songs” and a PNB Tharp premiere, “Brief Fling.”
  • World premiere from Alejandro Cerrudo (currently resident choreographer at Chicago’s Hubbard Street Dance)
  • Local premieres from Jiri Kylian (“Forgotten Land”) and Crystal Pite (“Emergence”).
  • Repeat of “Giselle,” new to the company last year, will return with new costumes by Jerome Kaplan (“Romeo et Juliette”)
  • Repeat of “Midsummer Night’s Dream,”
  • Repeat of Ronald Hynd’s “Sleeping Beauty”
  • Kent Stowell’s perennial “Nutcracker”

​I like most of it, but I think they are reviving Midsummer too soon. I'd rather see something else. I'd much rather see a triptych of Balanchine short stories: Sonnambula, Slaughter and Prodigal Son (all in the PNB rep). Alternatively, I'd love to see PNB bring in guest dancers from OBT and put on Vienna Waltzes (which requires 55 dancers, PNB has about 45 currently). I think that would be a great Valentines program, and the OBT dancers are looking at reduced contract weeks, and this would be win/win for everyone.

I'm more interested in seeing more David Dawson and Kiyon Gaines than some of the others. But that's just me.

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I like both of your ideas. I'd also love to see "Jewels" again, the sooner the better.

If I remember correctly, the Cerrudo is tied to a grant. Tharp will be in residence with the company again; hence the premiere.

National Ballet of Toronto Canada brought Crystal Pite's "Emergence" to Vancouver last season on its "Western" tour, along with Forsythe's "the second detail," Robbins' "Other Dances," and Kudelka's "The Man in Black." The last work, created for BalletMet in 2010, was fun, and while the men were strong in the Forsythe, which was created for the company in 1991, the work that brought the company to life was "Emergence," also choreographed for NBoC (in 2009). The corps is the focus. At first, I was afraid it was going to become a dance version of a Hollywood movie where the earthlings fight the aliens in little ships that look like insects, but it morphed into something far more interesting about groups and social dynamics. It has a spectacular hive image in it; it gives me chills just thinking about it. It's not Dawson, but the Dawson didn't use the whole company, and "Emergence" will stretch the male and female corps equally and has lots of energy.

I hope the re-staging of "Giselle" retains the original material (and even puts back some of it in) and doesn't become a watered-down version. Jerome Kaplan is a wonderful designer: he did the costumes for the Ratmansky "Don Q" we saw last year, as well as for "Romeo et Juliette."

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I'm not holding my breath for parts of this schedule -- they're still in the middle of budget setting, and that process will likely make things shift around, but there are several exciting things here. I'm very glad to see Giselle returning, and I think that Kaplan's designs will be quite distinctive. I think that the new-to-us Kylian will go quite well here, and I'm very curious to see this work of Pite's. We got to see her work on her own dancers and on Cedar Lake this year, but I'm not sure how many people from the PNB audience made their way to On the Boards or Meany Hall, so she will be a new experience for some of them.

I've got a bunch of YouTube links to Cerrudo's work, but haven't really watched in depth yet.

I actually saw Brief Fling, at ABT a bunch of years ago -- I think it could be a very handsome ballet for the company, and I remember the score being very danceable.

I'm always excited to see Sleeping Beauty and Midsummer, but I do wish we could have Jewels in its entirety. Yes, they're doing Diamonds later this spring, but that shouldn't keep us from the full-meal-deal... And Jayne, the Balanchine triple bill you suggest is really exciting!

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There's a very short clip of an excerpt from "Emergence" on YouTube, but sadly it focuses on a solo:

Maria Kochetkova just tweeted a link to a work made is making for Netherlands Dans Theater, and I think it gives a better indication of the types of group images and formations Pite makes in her work:

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Peter Boal officially announced the next season during this afternoon's performance. There really aren't any big changes from the Seattle Times blog posting, but we've got some dates as well as content:

September 27 - October 6: all Tharp (Brief Fling, Nine Sinatra Songs, new work to Alan Toussaint)

Rep 2: November 8 - 17: Kylian (Petit Mort, Sech Tanze, Forgotten Land) and Crystal Pite’s Emergence

Nutcracker: December 5 - 28

January 31 - February 9: Sleeping Beauty

March 14 - 23: Take 5, Kiss, State of Darkness, new Alejandro Cerrudo

April 11 - 19: Midsummer Night's Dream

May 30 - June 8: Giselle (new sets/costumes by Jerome Kaplan)

As always -- this is subject to change!

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I'm looking forward to the seaso n, although I would prefer a different story ballet in April. I don't hate MSND by any consideration, but I've seen it often and long for something new in the long-form story category. This season will be full of ballets that showcase Kaori Nakamura. As sad as I am to type it, don't be surprised if she retires after Giselle.

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I agree -- I would love to see that come back soon. And Dances at a Gathering.

Oh, yes!

It's as if PNB has decided that mixed programs aren't going to sell no matter what's in them and that a mixture of neoclassical, classical, and contemporary doesn't please anyone, so the company might as well cede to modern/contemporary dance for them.

This season will be full of ballets that showcase Kaori Nakamura. As sad as I am to type it, don't be surprised if she retires after Giselle.

I'm hoping that Boal was serious when he mentioned "La Bayadere" and that Doug Fullington can find enough notation for the company to stage it. Nakamura was breathtaking in the notated white act Pas de Deux in lecture-demos -- I think she and Postlewaite may have done it in two different presentations -- and that would be a great way for her to retire from the rep, followed by Encores, plus it give us more time.

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It's as if PNB has decided that mixed programs aren't going to sell no matter what's in them and that a mixture of neoclassical, classical, and contemporary doesn't please anyone, so the company might as well cede to modern/contemporary dance for them.

It's difficult to follow along with the reasoning sometimes. The program on now has a good combination of styles, and the comments I overheard in the lobby were very positive. The all-premiere mixed rep last autumn was pretty much half and half contemporary and neo-classical, but since Boal says he doesn't really give choreographers any guidelines it sounds like that was a happy accident. And the season closer is two Balanchines and a new Wheeldon. But next year's mixed reps lean very clearly to modern and contemporary work (I know what I mean when I make that distinction, but I have a feeling that might be a good topic for another thread...) I know there are a million elements that go into programming, but I wonder sometimes what the main factors are when I see that particular collection of works.

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The press release for the 2013-14 season was just published:

SEATTLE, WA -- Artistic Director Peter Boal has announced the confirmed line-up for Pacific Northwest Ballet's 2013-2014 season. Highlights include a program devoted to the works of PNB's first artist-in-residence, Twyla Tharp, including a new work featuring an original score by New Orleans R&B legend Allen Toussaint; the return of popular works by Jiri Kylian, Susan Stroman, Molissa Fenley, and Susan Marshall; a world premiere by Alejandro Cerrudo, Resident Choreographer at Hubbard Street Dance Chicago; a PNB premiere by Crystal Pite; and audience favorites The Sleeping Beauty and A Midsummer Night's Dream. The season closes with PNB's acclaimed staging of Giselle featuring new sets and costumes by Jerome Kaplan (Romeo et Juliette, Don Quixote)

PNB opens its box office for ticket sales on Monday, July 15. As is its tradition, PNB is offering a special two-week money-saving deal: Pay no service fees on tickets purchased from July 15 thru 31. (Or, don't wait, and save even more by purchasing a season subscription now!) Subscriptions and single tickets may be purchased through the PNB Box Office, either by phone (206.441.2424), online (pnb.org) or in person at 301 Mercer Street. Discounted subscription rates are available for senior citizens and students with ID. All programming and dates are subject to change. For more information, visit pnb.org.

2012-2013 SEASON LINE-UP:

Twyla Tharp Lecture-Demonstration

Wednesday, September 25, 2013

(Not part of PNB's subscription season. Call the PNB Box Office for details.)

A special presentation featuring PNB's artist-in-residence, Twyla Tharp.

Rep 1 -- A.I.R. THARP

September 27 -- October 6, 2013

Brief Fling (PNB Premiere)

Music: Michel Colombier and Percy Grainger

Choreography: Twyla Tharp

Original Costume Design: Isaac Mizrahi

Original Lighting Design: Jennifer Tipton

World Premiere

Music: Allen Toussaint

Choreography: Twyla Tharp

Costume Design: Santo Loquasto

Lighting Design: James F. Ingalls

Nine Sinatra Songs

Music: Songs sung by Frank Sinatra

Choreography: Twyla Tharp

Original Scenic Design: Santo Loquasto

Original Costume Design: Oscar de la Renta

Original Lighting Design: Jennifer Tipton

Rep 2 -- KYLIAN + PITE

November 8 -- 17, 2013

Petite Mort

Music: Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart

Choreography: Jiri Kylian

Scenic Design: Jiri Kylian

Costume Design: Joke Visser

Lighting Design: Joop Caboort

Sechs Tanze (Six Dances)

Music: Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart

Choreography: Jiri Kylian

Scenic and Costume Design: Jiri Kylian

Lighting Design: Joop Caboort

Forgotten Land (PNB Premiere)

Music: Benjamin Britten

Choreography: Jiri Kylian

Lighting Design: Joop Caboort

Lighting Re-Design: Kees Tjebbes

Emergence (PNB Premiere)

Music: Owen Belton

Choreography: Crystal Pite

Original Costume Design: Linda Chow

Original Scenic Design: Jay Gower Taylor

Lighting Design: Alan Brodie

Stowell & Sendak NUTCRACKER

November 30 - December 29, 2013

(Not part of PNB's subscription season. Call the PNB Box Office for details.)

Music: Peter Ilyich Tchaikovsky

Choreography: Kent Stowell

Scenic & Costume Design: Maurice Sendak

Lighting Design: Randall G. Chiarelli


January 31 - February 9, 2014

Music: Peter Ilyich Tchaikovsky

Choreography: Ronald Hynd (after Marius Petipa)

Scenic and Costume Design: Peter Docherty

Lighting Design: Randall G. Chiarelli


March 14 -- 23, 2014

TAKE FIVE...More or Less

Music: Dave Brubeck and Paul Desmond

Choreography: Susan Stroman

Costume Design: William Ivey Long

Lighting Design: Randall G. Chiarelli


Music: Arvo Part

Choreography: Susan Marshall

Original Lighting Design: Mitchell Bogard

Lighting Design: Peter Bracilano

Original Harnesses and Rigging Design: John Redman

State of Darkness

Music: Igor Stravinsky

Choreography: Molissa Fenley

Staging: Peter Boal

Lighting Design: David Moodey

World Premiere

Choreography: Alejandro Cerrudo

Costume Design: Mark Zappone

Lighting Design: Randall G. Chiarelli

The world premiere of Alejandro Cerrudo's new work was created with the support of a Rudolf Nureyev Prize for New Dance, awarded by The Joyce Theatre with major funding from the Rudolf Nureyev Dance Foundation.


March 16 -- 22, 2014

(Part of PNB's Family Matinees subscription package. Call the PNB Box Office for details.)

Music: Nicola Piovani and Amilcare Ponchielli

Choreography: Bruce Wells

Scenic Design: Edith Whitsett

Costume Design: Pacific Northwest Ballet Costume Shop

Lighting Design: Randall G. Chiarelli

This narrated, hour-long performance is danced by students of Pacific Northwest Ballet School, and is the perfect opportunity to introduce young children to the magic of live performance.


April 11 -- 19, 2014

Music: Felix Mendelssohn

Choreography: George Balanchine [copyright] The George Balanchine Trust

Staging: Francia Russell

Scenic and Costume Design: Martin Pakledinaz

Lighting Design: Randall G. Chiarelli


May 30 -- June 8, 2014

Libretto: Jules-Henri Vernoy de Saint-Georges and Theophile Gautier

Music: Adolphe Adam, with additional music by Friedrich Burgmuller, Ludwig Minkus, and Cesare Pugni

Choreography: Jean Coralli, Jules Perrot, and Marius Petipa

Staging: Peter Boal

Choreography Reconstruction: Doug Fullington

Historical Advisor: Marian Smith

Scenic and Costume Design: Jerome Kaplan

Lighting Design: Randall G. Chiarelli


Sunday, June 8, 2014

(Not part of PNB's subscription season. Tickets to this event go on sale in 2014.)


Friday, June 13, 2014

(Not part of PNB's subscription season. Tickets to this event go on sale in 2014.)

33rd Annual PNB School Performance

Saturday, June 14, 2014

(Not part of PNB's subscription season. Tickets to this event go on sale in 2014.)


(Tickets not available through the PNB Box Office.)

July 28 - 30, 2013

Vail International Dance Festival
(July 25 - 31, 2013)

Vail, CO

February 23 -- 24, 2014

Works & Process
-- Guggenheim Museum

New York, NY
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According to this article, Carla Korbes has had to withdraw from "Swan Lake" with New Zealand Ballet, and Karel Cruz will partner Gillian Murphy. I hope Korbes will be ready for Vail; I suspect that she and the company will be conservative about whether she'll dance in the preview. PNB is performing at least seven ballets, and only a subset will be on the preview program.

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Yikes, Cruz and Gillian Murphy are scheduled to dance four performances of "Swan Lake" in New Zealand from 18-27 July. Opening Night in Vail is 28 July. If Cruz leaves on the 28th, he'll get to Vail on the 28th, but 6 hours later, because NZ is 18 hours ahead of Vail at this time of year. (Like JFK to Rome.) That's a lot of travel.


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That is indeed a lot of travel, and there's not much chance to stretch out for someone as tall as Cruz!

Is Wellington, NZ at sea level? Vail is at 8,000+ ft and most people need a few days to adjust to the altitude. Dancers are athletes, but still...quite an adjustment to add to his jet lag.

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It takes at least three weeks to adjust to altitude: he won't be worse off than the other dancers in that regard alone, but it will be compounded by by travel and time zone changes. New Zealand is gorgeous, though, and I'm sure it will be a wonderful experience for him.

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I've been looking at the SFB schedule to see how to maximize the number of times I can see the Ratmansky program next April, since except for full-lengths, SFB runs two programs concurrently.

I know it's too late for this and impractical anyway -- even SFB, which has at least an extra score of dancers doesn't try to do this -- but I think it would have been fascinating to have a concurrent program with "Giselle," a "Giselle Project" of sorts, in which later essays on the material could be seen up close to the original. I'm thinking of Robbins' "The Cage" and Quijada's "Mating Theory," which to me looked like the logical extension of "The Cage."

Has Ratmansky done a short riff on "Giselle" in any of his one-acts, the way Caniparoli took on the contemporary story of the former-Yugoslavia Romeo and Juliet? If not, he'd be the first whose take on it I'd love to see.

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Oh that would be a fascinating program -- I wish that companies were more free with performance video, so that you could create a little conference or festival surrounding a live production and include this kind of compare and contrast stuff.

I don't know Ratmansky's Russian-based repertory well enough to answer your question, but I imagine that someone else here does -- perhaps post a link to your query in one of the Russian forums?

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PNB released a season preview video:

Corrections and additions please; sometimes the faces go by so fast:

Louise Nadeau/Seth Orza, "Nine Sinatra Songs"

Andrew Bartee/Lucien Postlewaite, "Giselle," Act I

Kari Brunson (?) in "TAKE FIVE...more or less"

Karel Cruz/Lindsi Dec (?) in "Petite Mort"

Garland Dance, "Sleeping Beauty"

Carla Korbes, Donkey Pas de Deux from "A Midsummer Night's Dream"

"Forgotten Land Courtesy of Houston Ballet" (ID in bottom left corner)

Men in "Petite Mort"

Act II "Giselle," Wilis led by Lindsi Dec and Sarah Ricard Orza (?) Lesley Rausch (see below)

Nadeau/Orza (??) in "Nine Sinatra Songs"

Margaret Mullin (?) as Butterfly in "A Midsummer Night's Dream"

Brunson/Casey Herd (??) Mara Vinson and James Moore in "Kiss" (see below)

Kaori Nakamura in "Giselle"

_________ and William Lin-Yee in "Sechs Tanze"

Jonathan Porretta, "Stage of Darkness" (?)

Maria Chapman (?) as Myrtha, "Giselle"

Nakamura (in Yellow) in "TAKE FIVE...more or less"

Batkhurel Bold, Act II Divertissement from "A Midsummer Night's Dream"

Carrie Imler, Lilac Fairy in "Sleeping Beauty"

Tableau from "Sechs Tanze", with Kylee Kitchens, Imler, Lin-Yee, Eames, and two men.

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Yes, #3 is Kari Brunson

Not sure if #10 is Orza -- looked a bit like Tisserand to me, but I don't know if he does that part.

Yes, I'm pretty sure #11 is Mullin

In #12, it looked like the woman might have been Mara Vinson -- she was in the first casts.

In #16, it's "State of Darkness"

Thanks for the link, and the diligence!

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