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New Interview with Jean Guizerix, former étoile

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Thanks for that interview, Katharine, it's very interesting. Jean Guizerix and Wilfried Piollet are very interesting people. I've read that they had applied to the direction of the Conservatoire de Paris but finally weren't chosen, I wonder what results it would have given... And I'm impatient to know what Jean Guizerix will be doing at the Ballet du Nord (I hope he'll be able to stay there long enough to do some actual work), he's someone with a wide culture and a real interest in the whole repertory of ballet, which isn't that common unfortunately!

What he writes about the notebooks of Michel Léon (father of Arthur Saint-Léon- by the way, does anybody know why he changed his name from Léon to Saint-Léon) and of Henri Justamant is fascinating. How great it must be to find such old documents in some libraries and to try to understand the movements it depicts!

P.S.: by the way, Katharine, do you know if he's still performing? I have fond memories of some of his performances (actually he was part of the first dance performance I saw, in 1992, dancing Limon's "Chaconne" and a solo by Michel Kelemenis) and of those of his wife...

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