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of the ballets you mention in passing here, the only ones semi-available commercially are 'apollo' and 'who cares?' both of which are excerpted on the cassettes called 'balanchine celebration parts 1 & 2' that are part of the balanchine library/nonesuch.

alas they are not complete and no complete versions of these or the other works you give as examples is now on the market.

'serenade' was shown on PBS/dance in america as part of a program called 'balanchine in america' but this has not been released commercially.

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I do have the NYCB, Royal Ballet, the Mariinsky and the Bolshoi "Symphoni in C", which is one of my favorite ballets. I would like to exchange with a copy of Concerto Barocco, again one of my favorite ballet but quite unoptainable it seems.( I do have the Concerto Barroco filmed in Germany, which Balanchine apparently greatly disliked and which is almost unwatchable.)

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