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  1. Although I am only a pre-professional student, I had the oppurtunity to attend Jewels last night and I thought I would add my input. I agree with Ari that Miranda Weese was extremely dead, there was no true feeling in her dancing, just a bunch of steps. I was not overly impressed with Jennifer Ringer either, although she seemed to have the feel of her role more than Weese. I was impressed with Carmena in the pas de trois, his impeccable musicality made his dancing exciting to watch. Over all, I though Emeralds was well danced but not spectacular. Rubies, on the other hand, was captivating.
  2. Ok, I'm not sure if this is the right place to ask this...so please feel free to move it if not. I am writing a biography for school on Anna Pavlova, and I need a good website or book that talks about more than just her career as a dancer. In my report I need to talk about her religious views and her personal life as well as her dancing. Thanks in advance!
  3. Yes, I was looking at a survey for the Rock School and I saw a link for Ballet Talk. I absolulety LOVE it!!!!! Its so great, I registered immediately and i've enjoyed it so much.
  4. I actually found Ballet Alert! through the summer intensive surveys, since I was searching for information on a particular SI. Then I clicked on the link for ballet talk, and well, here I am!
  5. I'm just curious as to whether you buy the headshot book anywhere else besides their webiste. I really want to buy it, but even though the book is only $5, its $6 to ship it. Let me know if anyone has seen it anywhere else. If not, I'll just bite the dust and buy it.
  6. Thanks everyone! I ended up finding the music at a huge music store in Philadelphia. It was like Silvy said, in the place where you would normally find the Black Swan pas music. I'm just glad I found it!
  7. I agree with Paul that perfect technique is NOT everything. You have to pick a variation that you really enjoy dancing and that will show off not only your technique, but also your heart. I chose Raymonda Act II and Tchaikovsky Pas de Deux for my variations. I especially love Tchaikovsky Pas de Deux because of the music and I think it really suits my style. Raymonda is nice too. Also, quick question: Is it okay to reverse part of a variation if you're only doing it for a very small local scholarship audition? I need to change the first part of Raymonda to be to the left instead of the right.
  8. I searched the web for the recording that you specified and could not find it. Do you know of any place where I can purchase it? Thanks!
  9. Hi! I am trying to track the down the music from Tchaikovsky Pas de Deux and I am wondering if anyone knows where I can find it. Also, what is the actual title of the music? If I knew this it would help me search for it. Thanks in advance!
  10. Hey! I'm looking for variations too. Maybe Silvy can help me out. My strengths are: TURNS, waltzy stuff, fast stuff with some "attitude", grande allegro My weaknesses are: Pettite allegro, adagio The variations I have considered are Tchaikovsky Pas de Deux, Raymonda (not sure which one) and Giselle Act I. I would appreciate any replies!
  11. Gillian Murphy is so cool. I love her arabesque!
  12. I searched Amazon.com and you are right! I could spend $1,000! All the really famous ballets plus a bunch of Balanchine. Thank you for pointing that out to me.
  13. Thank you so much! I did an internet search last night for the Balanchine library and it looks great. I will have to purchase that. Also, I rented a video called Choreograpy by Balanchine part 1 and I enjoyed that. I love Balanchine's choreography!
  14. I was just wondering if anyone had any really good suggestions for videos that consist of the main Balanchine works that make up NYCB's repatoire. I am looking for pieces like Symphony in C, Apollo, Who Cares?, Serenade, and stuff like that. Thanks!
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