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  1. cygneblanc, what happened to Marine Ganio Khalfouni and Marie-Astrid Casinelli?
  2. Does anyone know which troupe/school Christina Shevchenko is a part of? I wonder where Anastasia Matvienko performs -- is she Denis's wife or sister? Thanks.
  3. There is also a nice photo of Melissa Hough from the competition here: http://www.balcomphel.fi/english/photos.html
  4. Terry

    Irina Kolesnikova

    Sorry, I made a typo, her correct name is IRINA KOLESNIKOVA.
  5. I'd like to hear any reviews about this dancer if someone has seen her.... she is supposedly the "prima ballerina" at St. Petersburg Ballet Theater and the company has been making HUGE promotions about her all over the world...
  6. Terry

    La Sylphide

    Did anyone see the four different casts? I was wondering how the new corps member, Misa Kuranaga, performed as the Sylph.
  7. *Looks like Megan Fairchild is getting a lot of attention! JULY 22-26, 2003 TUESDAY EVENING, JULY 22, 8:15PM [Kaplow] Coppélia: ANSANELLI, WOETZEL, La FOSSE+ Waltz: EDGE Dawn: A. STAFFORD Prayer: HANSON Spinner: van KIPNIS War & Discord: ASH, HENDRICKSON WEDNESDAY EVENING, JULY 23 AT 8:15PM Chaconne: KISTLER, MARTINS, EDGE, CARMENA, NATANYA, BESKOW, FOWLER, RIGGINS, GOLBIN, ABERGEL, la COUR, J. STAFFORD Intermission Symphony in Three Movements: WHELAN, ANSANELLI, A. STAFFORD, SOTO, GOLD, ANGLE Intermission Carnival of the Animals: LITHGOW+, VERHOEST, ASKEGAR
  8. I've read somewhere in the previous posts that Balanchine's Don Q wasn't a success. Can anyone who've seen the actual production tell us a little more about what it was really like? What was the music like? I've been reading quite a few members indicate that they would like this revived. I'd love to see a NYCB version of Don Q, different from the usual Russian version that we see. And yes, Korbes would be absolutely magnificent in this role, even in the Russian version, although I'm not sure if she'll have the "attack" for it. Ansanelli would be nice too.
  9. If you look at all the other WORLD CLASS companies in this world (and for me, the best representative of this is the POB at this moment), they have an official school and a company -- a history and a tradition which defines their unique heritage. IMO, you CAN'T have a great, world-class company without a great school. They also have their own residential opera house, an institution which allows them to nurture their repertory and their style in a given place. To me, this is what a top-rate ballet company must be. And in adhering to these definitions, NYCB seems to fit the picture. ABT has fine
  10. It is unfortunate that the company is using a large amount of its funds to privilege newer works rather than Balanchine's, but looking at it from the brighter side, they still are performing 54 Balanchine ballets. I think it could've been worse. Ideally, it would be wonderful if they could revive a chunk of earlier works by Balanchine, but with an AD who likes to choreograph his own works, it just won't happen. This isn't just a problem with NYCB, if you look at any other companies, you see the same kind of trend with 2nd generation ADs. (A serious question for "Ballet in 21st C") Anyway, why
  11. Here is the Full Press Release (from the NYCB website): For Immediate Release - May 25, 2003 NEW YORK CITY BALLET ANNOUNCES GRAND CELEBRATION OF CO-FOUNDER GEORGE BALANCHINE TO MARK HIS CENTENNIAL YEAR Nearly 200 Performances Will Explore Heritage and Celebrate Vision of One of the 20th Century’s Most Influential Choreographers The Centennial Celebration to Include Performances of 54 Works Choreographed by Balanchine, 42 of Which Were Created for New York City Ballet World Premiere Ballets Commissioned for the Celebration from Boris Eifman, Peter Martins, Susan Stroman, and Christophe
  12. The finalists have always been selected from prominent companies. This year they have Jeremie Belingard of the POB and Jir Bubenicek as well as Yukichi Hattori from the Hamburg Ballet. Prize: 8.000 €, in addition the ballet will be taken over into the repertory of The Hamburg Ballet and be danced by members of The Hamburg Ballet. Their will be no additional fee for the setting of the piece for The Hamburg Ballet. * Honorary "Encouragement Prize" as well as an unendowed "Public's Choice". * The jury will be composed of renowned Ballet Directors of European companies. * Result of the pre-s
  13. Looks like a wonderful program: Nijinsky Gala XXIX "In Memory of Rudolf Noureev" Conductor_ André Presser Philharmonic State Orchestra Host_ John Neumeier Sunday, July 6, 2002, Hamburg State Opera, 6 P.M. Part I Bach Suite 3 Music Johann Sebastian Bach – Suite No. 3 Choreography John Neumeier Heather Jurgensen, Lloyd Riggins; Laura Cazzaniga, Carsten Jung Adéla Pollertová, Guido Warsany; Catherine Dumont, Arsen Megrabian; Hélène Bouchet, Thiago Bordin Pas de deux from the third act Raymonda Music Alexander Glasunow Choreography Rudolf Nurejev after Marius Petipa Elisabeth Pla
  14. Could someone please let me know when this performance will take place at the New Jersey PAC? Thank you very much!!
  15. Has ABT toured Europe recently? I've noticed that most of their tours are domestic or in Asia. Is there a reason why they focus much more domestically and don't travel too often to Europe, besides perhaps financial reasons? It seems like NYCB and SFB have more fans in Europe -- or am I wrong...?
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