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  1. Hey Boston!!! Megan Gray wins bronze medal in Jr. division. Melissa Hough wins bronze medal in Sr. division. Both Victor Plotnikov and Jorm Elmo win choreography awards. Outstanding work by everyone involved.
  2. The results have been announced. I am only posting information about the people I am familiar with. I am sure it will all be put on the Helsinki website shortly. Jr. Girls - Megan Gray, Boston Ballet won a bronze medal. Jr. Boys, Mathias Dingman (UBA) won the bronze, Joseph Gorak the silver, Dannii Simkin won the Grand Prix and Brooklyn Mack won a special award. Sr. Girls - Melissa Hough (Boston Ballet, UBA graduate) won the bronze. No gold given in the senior boys, two silver medals and two bronze medals were awarded. Choreography awards went to Victor Plotnikov (Boston Ballet) and Jorma Elmo (native Finnish choreographer who also set pieces on Boston dancers). The gala is this evening. USA dancers had an excellent showing at this competition.
  3. Three of Boston Ballet's dancers have made it to the third (and final) round of the Helsinki International Ballet competition. They are Megan Gray (Jr. division), Melissa Hough and Mateo Klemmayer (Sr. division). It's exciting to see some of the younger company dancers representing the USA and Boston Ballet with such a great showing. The third round ends Friday evening - we're hoping for the best!
  4. Just heard from a dancer at this competition. 2nd round results are in. Mathias Dingman (current UBA student) has made it to the finals. Both Brooklyn Mack and Melissa Hough (UBA graduates) have also passed to the third round. The full lists should appear on the website sometime tomorrow.
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