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annoying ad campaign continued

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Tried to find the original thread but did not succeed. Those of you who have seen the now infamous "Without sports they'd just be dancers" ad campaign, featuring professional cheerleaders, will enjoy this item from today's Metropolitan Diary in the NY Times. This poster, observes Times reader Ginger Curwen, is displayed on the No. 1 train that stops near the Joyce, Broadway, and Lincoln Center. "A dancer (or dance appreciator), presumably, has cleverly amended the slogan by taping alternative signs on the second and sixth words. The new, imporoved, and culturally currect poster of the cheerleaders now reads: 'Without dance they'd just be trophies.'"

I like to think that the culprit was a BalletAlertnik. ;)

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That "they'd just be dancers" poster is on a bus-shelter right at the corner of 65th and Broadway, like a deliberate slap in the face to all those hardworking ballet dancers and students who work and live in the immediate vicinity.

I keep on expecting to see it defaced in some appropriate manner, perhaps with the plexiglas covering shattered by a bazooka-launched toe shoe or two. Perhaps someone could apply for a NYSCA grant for that very thing?

I recently noticed someone had stuck a small note on the Lincoln Center ad saying what an insult the ad was to dancers everywhere. I rather like the "improvement" cited in Metropolitan Diary.

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Well, I know there are at least a couple of people here and there who walk past this bus stop regularly, so I hope they'll tell us. I feel a letter coming on.

By the way, Farrell Fan, I'm in agreement...though, often, the ads for certain items are so stupid I do remember - such as that really bad one about "losing the carbs, not the taste" for, uh, um, is it Coors Light? ;) I see the billboard everyday.

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It's one of many condescending ads for ESPN, the "Entertainment" and Sports Programming Network. Or words to that effect. Other ones in the series proclaim that without sports we'd have nothing to wear (oh really?), and, it's implied, no reason to live.

It's really one of the lamest and most condescending ad campaigns I can remember. People who already love sports and probably already have their noses glued to ESPN 25 hours a day will doubtless feel validated, but I wouldn't be surprised if dancers and dance fans weren't the only group to find them very offensive. I hope it backfires on ESPN!

I don't really have anything against professional sports cheerleaders. They work hard at what they do, and if they can make a living at it, more power to them.

I still think the ads are puerile.

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I enter this thread with my head hanging in shame -- I work for ESPN. I brought up the ad, and the street-side editing it received, to some of my co-workers, and they thought it was great. But I think they were laughing about the cheerleaders-trophies connection. I like my job, I like getting a paycheck...but, I think it's safe to bring this up, in the New York Post last year, Phil Muchnick (the sports TV columnist) brought up how the company has very strict rules about harassment and treating women fairly in the workplace, but then consistently has misogynist content on its shows and in its magazine.

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Hey! We DO got culture here in Chicago! We have this ad adorning a huge billboard right on the major north-south highway that cuts through the middle of town.

Can't do much to amend it there, I'm afraid, as much as I love the suggestion.

The irony is that it sits right near a left-over Nutcracker billboard, with Calvin Kitten in glorious mid-leap.

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I tossed already, and I meant to go look at it again.

But the new Dance Magazine has an ESPN ad

I can't remember what it says, so if anyone sees it, please post the exact wording.

I don't think it was a spoof, but I'm having a senior moment.

Something about if it wasn't for sports, we'd only see dance on stage?

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Yes, the current May 2003 issue of DANCE has the ESPN ad on page 8:

Lynn Swan is in mid air carrying the football in a photo taken during an NFL game, and the title of the ad is


In small letters at the bottom it states: Lynn Swamm studied dance which improved his performance on the field.

I tried to add the image here-can't figure out how, sorry.

Update: Here is a link http://hometown.aol.com/nlkflint/myhomepage/index.html

A bit of the right edge was cut off but you get the essence of the


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Originally posted by Calliope

As an ESPN watcher, I am not fond of all of the ads, but some are very tongue in cheek.

The only television show I tune in regularly is Friday Night Fights on ESPN2 so I have seen a number of thier ads. What impresses me about ESPN advers is that while they take sports seriously they are frivolously self-referential about themselves.

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The Michigan Opera Theatre still has ads and slogans that are at least not embarassing.

The next season for example the theme is "Surrender to Love".

The five works and their tags are:

"Masked Ball"..................Fatal Love

"Madame Butterfly".........Unrequited Love

"Pirates of Penzance".....Everlasting Love

"The Magic Flute"............First Love

"The Pearl Fishers".........Forbidden Love

Obviously a bit of mixing and matching could take place--especially since most erotic love in opera is either fatal or forbidden. Or both.

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