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It's a bird...it's a plane...it's Balletman!

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Actually, it's Nikolaj Hubbe, topless and wearing white tights, on the cover of the NYCB spring subscription brochure. He's been caught in mid-jump on the rooftop so beloved lately by photographer Nicola Majocchi. But Hubbe seems to have achieved superhuman elevation, outlined against the white clouds and blue sky. It's quite something! Inside there's a photo of a pensive (or maybe just tired) Aesha Ash, on pointe and leaning against a ledge. The rest of the photography consists of performance photos by Paul Kolnik. The accompanying subscription renewal letter from Peter Martins is breathless with excitement -- not so much about the Spring season, but about the Balanchine Centennial year to follow.

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It is a lovely picture, but I'm also reminded of Harold Lloyd's comedy "Safety Last" where the comedian famously dangled from a clock face over what seemed to be an urban abyss. What the audience didn't know, and couldn't see was that Lloyd was about three feet above a setback on the building. Ain't camera angle wonderful?;)

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Or just maybe ten years of Bournonville training, not to mention Bournonville calves, have something to do with it? :D I doubt we're supposed to believe he's leaping from the ground, but Hubbe always had a very good jump.

p.s. I'm happy the brochure is excited about the Balanchine Centennial!

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Originally posted by Juliet

I don't know why I always prefer the spring repetory, but I do....

My guess -- without knowing you, Juliet -- is that Spring is when they do Midsummer Night's Dream. I noticed, too, that there are two other full-lengths this Spring: Coppelia and Swan. Looks like they've chosen rep to meet ABT's competition head-to-head on ABT's terms. Maybe next Spring will include Beauty and Jewels, as well.;)

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