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NYCB Dancer book

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NYCB put out a new "face" book as I always call them. It contains new individual color photos (most of them the saw from those used in the dancer section of the web site). It's only $5 and is useful for telling new corps dancers apart.

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Just wanted to point out two corrections to the roster in the "Face Book". Kipling Houston, of course, has retired from NYCB.

Also, Kurt Froman has departed from NYCB to join the cast of "Movin Out". (Which means that in casting lists now will just read Froman).


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The only problem with the Dancer Book is that these are "artistic" portraits, and the women are made up entirely differently from how they are on stage, and I still can't recognize most of the ones I didn't already know. I think, too, that had the photos included head and shoulders, instead of faces alone, that the dancers would be easier to recognize. The faces would be a little smaller, sure, but the line of the neck to the shoulder shows a more individually distinctive quality. More context, if you will.

If I ran the universe, :) ,everyone would be shown head-and-shoulders in 3/4 profile. Not very interesting, but probably most utilitarian.

I must remark, though, on how beautiful and radiant Darci looks. That picture alone is worth the fin.

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Delia, Nina Fedorova, Wilhelmina Frankfurt, Debra Austin, Cheryl Ware, Rene Estopinal.

Oh, I'm getting all verklempt.....

In those days women stayed in the company for more than a cup of coffee. Now I have to ask myself why I should bother learning who the corps dancers are, because in a couple of years most of them will be gone?

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Just ask Michael. He knows who they all are even before they're apprentices. I wish I were cool enough to come out of a performance raving about dancers in the back row of the corps whose names aren't even printed in the program yet! The morning after I'm lucky if I can remember who danced the leads.

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I hope to live down that alleged accomplishment along with several others, as along with everyone else I confess to having no idea at the moment who most of these kids are. I tell you what, though, I would think some of those dancers would consider taking corrective action against the photographer -- Those are some of the most unflattering photographs I've ever seen.

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I haven't seen the February Playbill yet, but as of the end of January, the photos of Borree, Fayette, Marcovici, Milllepied, and Somogyi are the same as those in the face book. Photos of the other principals are, without exception, better in the face book, so I hope they will replace those in the Playbill, if they haven't already.

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