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  1. Darci Kistler is a principal at NYCB and Julie Kent is a principal at ABT.
  2. Do you mean Sylvie Guillem? If so there are documentaries on her from the 80's one of which I think is called Sylvie Guillen at Work. There is a Sleeping Beauty with Sofiane Sylve.
  3. Does anyone know if this company prefers American dancers with experience or someone who has not been employed? Is there a preference to training styles? Also do they care about ethnicity or is it more about having good technique? Have any American dancers succeeded witht he company? thank you very much to anyone who can answer my questions.
  4. I'm sorry if i mispelled it. But does any one know much about this company? I am interested in auditioning for them possibly next year and was wondering if they took American dancers andif so does ethnicity count or are they more about technique. Thank you very much.
  5. She's one of the most beautiful dancers I have ever seen
  6. She is no longer with the staff. but Claudio is still on the staff.
  7. I've seen Zehr rehearsing Apollo. She looks really good like in everything else lol.
  8. How is Maya Collins doing? I danced with her this summer and from what I saw she was really good.
  9. I think that Simon Ball is very good. i've only seen him from the auditence once and he has a different look than the rest of the company men. Clement as Snow Queen doesn't really do it for me but she is a good dancer. I don't think that there were changes that day but I have seen the cast rehearse and theyre one of the most solid. Letecia astounds me everytime I watch her because her coda is almost always flawless and she has the hardest one in my opinion but it shows off her turning skills.
  10. Sara Webb as Aurora Bridget Zehr in "In the middle Somewhat Elevated" Letecia Oliviera as Sugar Plum Andrew Murphy and Lucas Priolo as Princes in Nutcracker
  11. I don't think that Sara Webb goes to AB until spring because she will be performing the role in Houston as well so they might be close together. How did y'all like Ian Casady in Velocity?
  12. Isn't Misty Copeland supposed to have a bright future there? I haven't seen her dance but from what I've heard from people who have she's supposed to be really good.
  13. This is Richards' second season with the company and shes a beautiful dancer. A really cute Clara for Nutcracker with really good prescence and technique. She's one to watch among the young corps girls. I've seen her rehearsing the role and she looks pretty comfortable in it.
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