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How often do you see non-ballet performances?


  1. 1. How often do you see non-ballet performances?

    • As often as I see ballet
    • Frequently
    • Occasionally
    • Seldom
    • Never

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This will be a simple poll, but I'm curious. Do people only see ballet? Or do you also see modern dance, dance theater, performance art, tap, and whatever the correct term is these days for ethnic dance as well?

If we get enough people saying yes, I'll do another poll that says "what kinds"? but for now, just the simple version. The choices are "Often," "Sometimes," "Seldom," "Never" -- defined as you want to define them :(

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Three performances a year may not qualify as "frequently" -- especially compared to the 30 or more NYCB performances I get to during an average year and the half-dozen or so for ABT. But I wouldn't call it "occasionally" either, since I regularly see all three Paul Taylor programs during their City Center season.

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