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Dance Magazine's September issue


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Just FYI, there are a couple of interesting articles in this new issue.

There is one on page 50, in their Fall Preview 2002 section, by Alexandra Tomalonis about what's coming up in

Washington DC! :D

And, on page 35, you will see "Central Pennsylvania Youth Ballet's Choreoplan Making A Ballet on The Dancers of Tomorrow" - a journal by Kathryn Posin who along with Leigh Witchel, Charles Maple and Laszlo Berdo participated in the Choreoplan in October of last year. :)

There is also a piece by Clive Barnes about NYCB and ABT and their very different heritages based upon "their" choreographers... with a real push for ABT to continue performing Ashton's and Tudor's ballets.

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...I also noticed in her coverage of the upcoming season in the Northwest that the erstwhile Martha Ullman West fails to mention OBT.

Are we safe to assume that she is not all that unhappy to see James Canfield go?

If not, that's one hell of an omission...

If it's intentional it's one hell of a boot out the door...

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Skip, I doubt that the article is on line. BW was writing about the current issue of a mainstream magazine sold on newsstands and by subscription. It's America's biggest dance magazine, so it may well be available, even overseas, at a library, especially a university or ballet school library.

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