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  1. giannina, i haven't seen one of the mentioned ballets and i didn't read reviews, but i did some searching on the internet. on the site of the company, www.ndt.nl (you can choose your language english or dutch), there is a list and that list also contains ndt1.l if you click that one, you'll find three options and one of them is ballets....there is a list of their whole repertoire. there is an explanation except for walking mad. that only tells you what music is used and some other information. further, as i know ndt, it's more modern oriented. they do perform pieces on pointe though, but i d
  2. The Netherlands overhere :party: :bouncing: !!! I might be going to austria though, during winter..... :secret:.....the job-interview is coming tuesday....right after nightshift :sleeping: !!! ~SKIP~
  3. i discovered balletalert about 1,5 years ago. not started another schoolyear yet, i was searching the internet for some balletsites. as i discovered a very nice address in the past (not a discussion board or whatsoever though) i hoped to find something new. how i got here, i don't know. it might have been with google, it might have been with cyberdance. it also might have been during a search for information for my final paper (which was about ballet). i think that i lurked around here for less than a week and then subscribed. i really love it here and i got some very helpful information sin
  4. o, ok yeah, at dancemagazine.com they still had the august issue up...maybe in a couple of weeks...otherwise, i'll go to the library...i know one that has dance magazines ~SKIP~
  5. i'm sorry, but i cannot find the article...is it on www.dancemagazine.com??? i really hope so....i would love to read that article about that one choreograph plan with the young students....if anyone could help me please!!! ~SKIP~
  6. i have the swanlake version with nurjev and fonteyn...it's absolutely marvelous to watch the tape...!!! i suppose it was with the wiener oper...don't know for sure though!!! i have don quixote by the ABT too...with barischnikov...it's wonderful!!! ~SKIP~
  7. thank you david for telling how the competition went. i also wanted to thank you for posting the link, the only trouble is, that i can't find the article anywhere on that site!! :confused: ~SKIP~
  8. just out of curiosity, how did the competition go? i would love to hear more about the competition... ~SKIP~
  9. Estelle, you could also go to the following website: http://www.het-nationale-ballet.nl/english/index.html not everything is in english yet , but you can see what performances they do this year ~SKIP~
  10. Groosland is one of the most funniest balletpieces ever!!!!! i've seen it on videotape ~SKIP~
  11. ok, here we go....... 1: A 2: F & G >> i want to be a pro and i LOVE it 3: A 4: C & I & K & O >> dutch 5: C & I & K 6: reading 7: ??? don't know 8: A 9: A & B as for my favorites. pirouettes en dehor are much better on my left. split is going easier with my left leg in front....but both are flat and stability is better on my left leg. good luck with your assignment Colleen: as for the teaching on one side.....for me it doesn't matter. i practised my elementary on the right first and the barre was on the other side of the room during the exam
  12. don't have it, but i know that my arthistory teacher is looking for it too. you mean with the one that they dance on the ground (as in: ground from outside). i recently got a documentary about pina bausch and there was just a little fragment of her rite of spring, but not the whole part if you find something, could you please let me know?? ~SKIP~
  13. if you want information about jiri kylian, you can always ask me, as he's from the netherlands. good luck with your assignment, ~SKIP~
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