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  1. I have noticed, as I've frequented the Bolshoi stage this fall, that you can hear their shoes and some of their heavier steps quite well throughout the theater. But its not just the russian companies. Last night I went to see the Houston Ballet perform at the Bolshoi. My seats were in the fourth balcony (the highest level-lets just say your eye-level is higher than the grand chandilier) and I could still hear the shoes and heavy landings of those dancers... About the stage, from the many different parts of the theater that I have sat, the stage looks like it is covered with the traditional black marley.
  2. Dancing Meghan, if you don't mind me inquiring, what's the range of prices in tickets that are being sold for their US tour?
  3. Those performances are during a holiday weekend here in Russia and I'm planning a trip up there. I've only seen the Kirov once before on tour in London and was looking to see if anyone had some recommendations of which performance to see. During her birthday celebration/performances they will perform Sleeping Beauty, Raymonda, or Don Q.... I'd love to go to all three, but I'm not sure if my friend would ...
  4. Old Fashioned- You should definitely try to catch the Swan Lake. Its not my favorite ballet either, but I got to see it in Moscow this fall and it was definitely done quite well.
  5. Has anyone taken classes in this dance form before? Any experiences, tips, etc. to share? I hope to start taking some classes in this dance discipline soon. I now live in a city that offers a wide variety of dance forms and I want to test out the diversity... Tango sounds like fun, but I have not had any experience with anything spanish-y, except for ballet summer intensives (we had spanish classes). Thanks!
  6. If anyone's interested, the Bolshoi website (www.bolshoi.ru) now has their Opera and Ballet season in calender format for September through December posted. La Scala and Houston Ballet are on calender for performances.
  7. I'm seeking some advice.....I'm moving to Moscow in the fall (late August) and plan on seeing as much of ballet as I can. What is the best way to get tickets to the Bolshoi? By going to the theater office before the performance, etc? Also does anyone recommend other ballet companies to see while I'm there? Thanks! Kate
  8. Sonora-- Last summer I was attending the Kirov in DC during July and there were a few dance things going on. But nothing too major. At one of the Kennedy Center stages there was a July summer series, which included dance performances every few days on one of the "free" stages (sorry don't remember the name). Whenever there wasn't dance that night, the stage was being used by another performing arts group, etc. (still free to the public). These performances were not classical ballet, but more along the lines of modern or folk. I remember there was a troupe performing Indian dance one night. But I have no idea if this July series is going on again this year. So once you get there, check out the Kennedy center. I got a flyer from there last year saying when/who each performance was. I know this isn't much information, but maybe a DC-er could tell you more. Koshka
  9. How much does nationality play into this name-calling? Either the nationality of the speaker or of the one being spoken about?
  10. How much does nationality play into this name-calling? Either the nationality of the speaker or of the one being spoken about?
  11. I hope I'm not disclosing too much info , but his name is Drake Hathorn. Congrats to your daughter!!
  12. Does anyone know when the competitors will be announced? All the website and newspapers say is during March. A friend of mine sent in a tape, and I'm quite anxious to hear if he got in....
  13. Adding my two cents in here...I voted on the 0-10 times a year, but that is as much as possible down here (mississippi). Except there is the IBC this year...
  14. Sorry for the confusions, I meant musical recordings. The tapes that my teacher was using for our variation work is quite worn. I think they were discussing what was available...More along the lines of what cds there are available to use. Does that help? I personally would like to get a video to watch before we start really diving into rehearsals. I'll be sure to check out amazon on that regard...but that is a different topic.
  15. Does anyone know what versions there are of this full legnth ballet? The youth company that I perform in is doing this for its Spring performance. Yesterday in rehearsal I overheard my teacher and the director discussing if there were any other versions/recordings (?) available, than the one that we have. Thanks for any help or suggestions!
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