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Eric Taub, RIP

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I was very sad to read reports of Eric Taub's  -- Manhattnik's -- death. His writing was full of personality--clever, yes, impassioned too and well-informed. I learn through the obituary @FPF posted that he was born in Saratoga Springs, and I remember being struck years ago by the eloquence with which he wrote about the joys of attending New York City Ballet during their summer seasons there.  May he rest in peace.

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So very sorry to hear this. Always enjoyed his posts here as Manhattnik, his reviews, and his Twitter thoughts. RIP.

From one of FPF's links:


Though Eric’s bread-and-butter work was in desktop publishing and various IT roles, his true love was the ballet, a passion that would define much of his life. Eric's articulate and uniquely witty reviews of ballet performances, published in Ballet News and other outlets, showcased his deep knowledge and love for the art form.

An animal lover, Eric was particularly fond of cats. His dedication to supporting cat rescues reflected his compassionate nature. His cherished feline companion, Boris Borosovitch Ratmansky, held a special place in his heart, and Eric mourned his passing in November 2022.


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