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name of fairy tale (ballet)

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Were haveing a great yearly performance on thursday, but I dont know the name of it in english... its not a known ballet, my teachers have made all the dances, but I believe the fairy tale is well-known (atleast its so in norway)

The plot (very rough):

A old lady wants a child, but are lonely and cant have one. So she goes to a witch, that gives her a seed. The seed grows to a flower, and out from the flower comes a little girl, just a thumb high.

The girl gets kidnapped by a frog, who wants the girl to marry the frogs son. The girl refuses, and runs away. She comes to a mouse, who takes her in in her house. There she meets a moldwarp :)

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I know a song about Thumbelina, I can't resist...

Thumbelina, Thumbelina, tiny little thing,

Thumbelina dance, Thumbelina sing...

Can't remember any more, it could be Disney as I think they did a cartoon version of the story.

I believe "moldwarp" is a mole.:)

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I believe that at least the words were by Sylvia Fine (Mrs. Danny Kaye). Hubby starred in the movie/bio/fantasy Hans Christian Andersen. Has some nice dancing by Leslie Caron, but ballet sequences representing Bournonville-era Royal Danish Ballet is "Far from Denmark", fun, nonetheless.:)

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In French, it is "Poucette" (Pouce= thumb) or "La petite Poucette" or "Poucelina".

I even found the text of the tale there:


(in English)


(in French)

Good luck for the performance, Henrik! And I hope that later you will tell us about your impressions (how does it feel to become a prince? :) )

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The ballerina in the Samuel Goldwyn movie 'Hans Christian Andersen' is listed in the credits as Jeanmarie.

I'm not sure but I think she was married to the choreographer Roland Petit who made the dances for this movie.

As I recall, she was a very good dancer, and so were the ballets in the film.

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Yes glebb, it was Renee (better known now as "Zizi) Jeanmaire, Roland Petit's wife (now 77 or 78, and still active!). As Petit, she first was a POB dancer, and later left the company to dance with Petit's companies and also do some music-hall shows and to sing.

But well, perhaps it'd have been more authentic to take some authentic Bournonville works rather than Petit's choreographies for the film?

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Hi, Prince Henrik :) Hope you have a great time!

Re Jeanmaire, I saw her only very late, but admired her Carmen (on film) very much. BUT I cannot imagine a less appropriate Bournonville-era ballerina! The ballets, of course, are very anachronistic.

Bruhn's dancing is very interesting, though. It's in a "No, Not Patineurs, but Close!" number. He's very young and very very fast -- and it's the only film I know of him before he transformed himself into a danseur noble, so it's historically very interesting.

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Well, shows over... It went great! the first two were ok, the third were good, and the last one was glowing! It was awsome... My one and only idol, Kim (aka the other boy from my town, the one who dance:)) asked to get a recording of the show, so that he could see me and the otherrs dance.. He'll get the one from last show... it was absolutely great!! :)

Now Ill head off for the training... Cant rest long :)

PS: I saw the thougest girl in history yesterday; thumbeline (or maria if you know her ;) ) were crying behind stage because of her feets, they looked really bad... 8 hours of pointe... she was bleeding and in pain, but went out on the stage, and did the best show ever! I was so proud to dance with someone like her! just had to tell :)

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Congratulations, Henrik! And congratulations too to the courageous Maria-Thumbeline! :) And I hope that the 2000 viewers who attended the show will be more interested in ballet (and who knows, perhaps some boys who saw you will tell their parents "I want to look like that Prince" and will want to attend ballet classes too? :cool:)

With which company does Kim dance?

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I really hope some (if just ONE, im satisfied) of those boys will start dance:)

As for Kim (Amundsen -last name) I dont know what company he dances for! Im waiting for him to call any of these days.. Im quite close to his cousin... I can ask my teacher witch company he dances for!! ill let you know!

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