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    I dance everyday, both at school, in a company and at a private studio
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    Bodoe, norway
  1. I'll join: Good dance blogs: Catherine L Tully writes at www.4dancers.org David Hunter writes on ballet for men at www.balletformen.com And I write one myself, at http://tightsandtiaras.blogspot.com
  2. Whatever happened to Zoltan Solymosi? Very little info on him about where he is dancing or if he is still dancing. A lot on his brother though. I remember seeing Zoltan with Durante for the Sleeping Beauty. He is an impossibly gorgeous man. Sorry to quote such an old post, just figured I answer your question (finally?!) Zoltan taught me in school. He is not dancing anymore, ending his career just after returning to Hungary from the royal ballet. He is teching the male repertoire to youngsters in hungary, and is still able (now being a little heavier than in his days of glory ) to show
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