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    I dance everyday, both at school, in a company and at a private studio
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  1. I'll join: Good dance blogs: Catherine L Tully writes at www.4dancers.org David Hunter writes on ballet for men at www.balletformen.com And I write one myself, at http://tightsandtiaras.blogspot.com
  2. thanks guys for nice words! I think Mel is right about Billy elliot - although highly appreciated by the audience in Norway, I don't think it changed much for boys in ballet. I think Billy.. is more about doing what you want, going for your dream, and ofcourse like Mr.Johnson stated - the coal crisis, rather than wanting to take up the issue of men in ballet..
  3. Thought I'd mention my blog here, but please delete it if it is considered commercial. (i make no money on the blog, if it matters) Http://tightsandtiaras.blogspot.com A blog on ballet, written by a male dancer with a certain sense of sarkasm. I wish to enlighten you, my readers, on the world of ballet (or rather the planet ballet, in a galaxy far-far away), with a special weighing on male dancers - you see, there's more too it than you think!!!
  4. The ukrainian Donetsk ballet has a production of Peer Gynt sponsored by the norwegian Ibsen foundation. Didn't find any links, though, but I danced in it The choreography is by Vadim Pisarev, their artistic director
  5. Whatever happened to Zoltan Solymosi? Very little info on him about where he is dancing or if he is still dancing. A lot on his brother though. I remember seeing Zoltan with Durante for the Sleeping Beauty. He is an impossibly gorgeous man. Sorry to quote such an old post, just figured I answer your question (finally?!) Zoltan taught me in school. He is not dancing anymore, ending his career just after returning to Hungary from the royal ballet. He is teching the male repertoire to youngsters in hungary, and is still able (now being a little heavier than in his days of glory ) to show them himself!
  6. @Ray: As a professional dancer riding a motorcycle, I find your comparison pretty good! Lifting a girl that doesn't want to be lifted, is kind of like curving on the bike if your passenger doesn't lean with you - both people has to want to do it, or it won't work
  7. Thank you all for very valuable information. I am not good in finding information on the net, either I dont find it, or, if I do, I cant handle it because its either too much or to complicated I am going to talk almost 2hours about bournonville and his style (in norwegian, have a whole lot of translation to do ) at school!! I hope it will go fine! Ill let you know :)' THanks again! -dont stop posting if you thinks its something more I should know!!
  8. can someone please post in simple words what that is so special with August Bournonvilles coreographings, and why he is so famous? Its for an task at school! Thanks a lot!
  9. I once met a famous dancer, (or atleast i mean his famous?! ) I was only 5, just started dancing, and was with my father on work (hes a journalist) He wrote a looong message/autograph to me in english, with a hand writing I still is working to understand. Hes name was Pissarev or something like that, I have long tried to figure out who he is.. Anyone know? Anyways he was exellent, he danced with (his wife i think, dont remember surely) a girl in a pas de deux, the first one I ever saw!! I remember he looked so young, but my dad said he was quite old to be a dancer... I think i said "you were wonderful out there" with my father to translate for me... Il go ask if he remebers something
  10. Thanks!! I really hope some (if just ONE, im satisfied) of those boys will start dance:) As for Kim (Amundsen -last name) I dont know what company he dances for! Im waiting for him to call any of these days.. Im quite close to his cousin... I can ask my teacher witch company he dances for!! ill let you know!
  11. Well, shows over... It went great! the first two were ok, the third were good, and the last one was glowing! It was awsome... My one and only idol, Kim (aka the other boy from my town, the one who dance:)) asked to get a recording of the show, so that he could see me and the otherrs dance.. He'll get the one from last show... it was absolutely great!! Now Ill head off for the training... Cant rest long PS: I saw the thougest girl in history yesterday; thumbeline (or maria if you know her ;) ) were crying behind stage because of her feets, they looked really bad... 8 hours of pointe... she was bleeding and in pain, but went out on the stage, and did the best show ever! I was so proud to dance with someone like her! just had to tell
  12. Thumbelina was the name, thank you for your help Im looking forvard to thursday! were having 4 shows in one day, all is sold out That will be like.. wait a second... 500X4=2000 people seeing me dance in one day... Whhooooaaaa
  13. Were haveing a great yearly performance on thursday, but I dont know the name of it in english... its not a known ballet, my teachers have made all the dances, but I believe the fairy tale is well-known (atleast its so in norway) The plot (very rough): A old lady wants a child, but are lonely and cant have one. So she goes to a witch, that gives her a seed. The seed grows to a flower, and out from the flower comes a little girl, just a thumb high. The girl gets kidnapped by a frog, who wants the girl to marry the frogs son. The girl refuses, and runs away. She comes to a mouse, who takes her in in her house. There she meets a moldwarp
  14. Stravinsky is wonterful, but so are Romeo and Juliet.. hard one... I think I just dont vote... if I cant vote for more htan one...
  15. Stravinsky is wonterful, but so are Romeo and Juliet.. hard one... I think I just dont vote... if I cant vote for more htan one...
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