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Alban Lendorf venturing into a new stage career

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Alban Lendorf, formerly one of the most prominent principals of the Royal Danish Ballet and later of the ABT, has successfully ventured into a new stage career as an actor. Serious injuries have prematurely made a stop to his career as a dancer, but multitalented and artistically gifted as he is, he has worked his way into the theatre of the spoken word. His first big stage role was as Jean in Strindberg's Miss Julie, premiered last year at the Bellevue Theatre north of Copenhagen. Due to Covid-19 the tour following the premiere was put on hold for a while, but last week it hit my city, Aarhus, and I went with great curiousity combined with a little nervousness on his behalf: Mis Julie is a chamber play with only 3 actors, and Jean is a big role with lots of words in it. But, I most say, he did really well, and I am so happy to see that a career in this direction is certainly a possiblity. He is clever and hard working, and in combination with talent, this can apparently bring you a long way, even in a short messure of time. The reviews have been fair, recognizing a talent maybe not yet fully developed but coping with the challenge and not being dwarfed by playing opposite one of Danish theatres' most experienced and interesting actors, Sonja Richter as Miss Julie.

Congratulations, Alban! 

Photos from the performance can be seen here: Bellevue Theater's homepage.


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Yes, he does dance still , but not on a full scale (maybe I should have mentioned that). In the performance of Miss Julie some dance sections were interpolated, too  - and it looked gorgeous. He will also be dancing in the musical "Den skaldede frisør" (The bald hairdresser) next autumn: Link (maybe some Google translatation can help out here).

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