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Atlanta Ballet 2021 - 2022 Season

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So far, 2022 looks to be a short season - presumably due to the lack of funds generated during the previous 2 years.

"Atlanta Ballet company dancers return to live, in-person theatre performances after a two-year hiatus"




FEBRUARY 4-6, 2022

FEBURARY 11-13, 2022

MARCH 18-20, 2022

MAY 13-15, 2022
Following its triumphant premiere in Atlanta Ballet’s reimagined 2020|2021 season of Silver Linings, Claudia Schreier’s Pleiades Dances makes its way to the theatre stage for the May program. Adding a classical element to the evening are selections from Paquita – a famed nineteenth century classic revered for its demanding and intricate choreography. Finally, an all-new work by Atlanta Ballet Company dancer Sergio Masero, whose piece Teneo Integrum mesmerized audiences last season, will balance out the season finale production.

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Thanks for this reminder.

Premiers by company dancers are a nice way to develop in-house choreographers but one can't help feeling that they may be another money-saving measure as well.

The Schreier premier is the highlight for me --and a chance to see her Pleiades Dances in the theater. After that, the Paquita--which is both a wonderful slice of classical dancing and, of course, rather a test of where the dancers are as classical dancers. When it was danced by the company during Nedvigin's first season, the "second" cast, which was the only cast I saw, struggled--at least so it seemed to me. And the dancers who were (to some extent) exceptions--Mara, Nash, and Rogers--are all of them no longer with the company.

I will be curious to see Giselle as well, but probably take a pass on Nutcracker.

Of course, I'm assuming that the Covid situation in GA will be well under control . . . if there is any doubt . . . well, no live ballet for me.

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I've watched Claudia Schreier's Pleiades Dances several times since Drew mentioned it elsewhere yesterday. I think that it's very good and very entertaining.

Here's Drew's post again with the videos.

"But I'm mostly writing to say that I have very much liked Claudia Schreier's work for Atlanta Ballet. Her ballet, First Impulse was on the program at the last ballet performance I attended live. That was its premier season--and a nourishing memory since then for my starved ballet soul. In the meanwhile Atlanta hired her as resident choreographer and then....Covid upended the next season. However, during the Pandemic she did still create Pleiades Dances for them and the company performed it as part of an outdoor engagement in March 2021 (dancers were masked though you can hardly tell on the video the company posted on Vimeo). 

"When I watched it, I thought Pleiades Dances a bit less distinctive than First Impulse, probably because I was watching it on video, but perhaps also because it seemed to me a little less neo-classical and thus more like other new choreography than First impulse. I still found it very engaging. And of course most of Pleiades Dances had to be created via Zoom. (In Atlanta Pleiades Dances has been done this year as part of a regular repertory program in the theater but I did not attend those performances.) I plan to watch it again.

"I'll add that I have found Schreier's choices of music both wonderful and unexpected -- I could wish Justin Peck had similar taste. From what I read on her website, she has been choreographing for a while, but it is still relatively early in her career; at this point I am eager to see (or read about) whatever she does. 

"Below are two links--very brief video of First Impulse (whose diagonals I take as an allusion to Balanchine's Symphony in Three Movements) and below that, Pleiades Dances in its entirety as that was posted as part of the Pandemic conditions of its premier. Of course, you can also find other snippets of her work on youtube:"


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On 6/20/2021 at 5:17 AM, Drew said:

The Schreier premier is the highlight for me --and a chance to see her Pleiades Dances in the theater.

Claudia Schreier's Pleiades Dances has recently been mentioned at a discussion about the San Francisco Ballet. I’m still liking it very much.


Another work for the Atlanta Ballet that I’m flipping over is Lar Lubovitch's "Elemental Brubeck'"


I hoping that this sort of work will continue, both here and at the San Francisco Ballet. I’m watching them both with interest.


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